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The Bunny Graveyard is an episodic horror adventure about a bunny who seeks to find the horrifying truth behind her existence. Immerse yourself in a world of pixel art inspired by GBA and NDS graphics, while unraveling an enthralling story that keeps you hooked!

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Begin your journey as... a cursor? Your job is to find Skye, the bunny! But there seems to be some kind of strange entity inside the computer that doesn't want you to leave... can you complete your task and survive?


Explore new areas and make friends! Some may become besties, or your worst NIGHTMARE.


From fishing and gardening to underground fights, enjoy a variety of FUN MINIGAMES!


In this world... NOTHING is what it seems, and you must survive to uncover the truth.

  • Make choices to experience different interactions!
  • Action-packed and creepy animated cutscenes!
  • Find CLUES to uncover the hidden story and collect FIGURINES of your favorite characters!

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Watch the trailer here:

That's right! The first chapter of The Bunny Graveyard releases this month! It's almost time for y'all to experience the beginning of this crazy adventure! We're so excited!




Wishlist here!

The Bunny Graveyard's DEMO is finally here!

The Bunny Graveyard's DEMO is finally here!


Skye and her Handy Pals are looking for a new pal to help them out on her lovely lil' garden! Think you're up for the job?

The Bunny Graveyard will now release in chapters!

The Bunny Graveyard will now release in chapters!


It may not seem like it at first, but The Bunny Graveyard's story is a big one, so we've decided to release the game in chapters... five to be exact.

What is The Bunny Graveyard?

What is The Bunny Graveyard?


The Bunny Graveyard is a story-rich puzzle RPG where you play as Skye, a bunny who's simply trying to find her brother. Unfortunately, things get ugly...


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