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In this game player goes to a haunted heritage hotel. He knows all the people are saying that this hotel is haunted but he doesn't believe in things like this. But when he reached at the top floor of that hotel all the doors get locked except one but there is a warning board before that door saying Do Not Go Inside but he has only one option to do that is going inside that door. What will the player do?

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It's a horror game about a person who doesn't believe in ghosts and goes to a heritage haunted hotel but when he reaches on the top floor of that hotel he realizes that this place is really very dangerous so he tries to go back but exit door get locked but there is a another unlocked door but before that unlocked door there is a warning board that restricts him to go inside.

Now what will player do, How will he go back to his home?

Get Ready To Jump Off Of Your Table - Horror Hotel 3

Get Ready To Jump Off Of Your Table - Horror Hotel 3


Puzzles. Jumpscares. Can you complete this game under 30 minutes?

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