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Established after Herbert O. Yardley deciphered a series of mysterious, coded telegrams in the depths of WWI, the Black Chamber is a top secret agency of the United States government which responds to and contains all traces of extranormal activity within US borders and outside of them when necessary. Though officially disbanded in 1929, the Chamber has continued to operate in secret until the present day. Unfortunately, the beginning of the 21st century and the advent of the war on terror led to the Chamber's scope of operation being drastically reduced as other threats diverted the nation's attention. That all changed when an unprecedented terrorist attack devastated Chamber Headquarters, eliminating all ranking members of the organization and leaving the United States without any means to defend itself against extranormal threats. In response, the Black Chamber is recreated from the ground up and you are placed in command. Your orders are to use all means necessary to defend the country from that which cannot be explained and to find out who eliminated your predecessors and why.

Inspired by such seminal works of the late 20th century including X-COM, Delta Green, the X-Files, as well as Fringe and Supernatural.

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As you've probably noticed, I have posted several screenshots depicting various phases of The Black Chamber. What follows is an explanation of each and an outline of some of the game mechanics.

HQ Screen - this is the one with the map of the USA on it.
This is the hub of the game. From here, you will be able to access every part of the Black Chamber, as well as choose which incidents to respond to. Some of these are one offs, while some relate to the game's overarching plot. There will be multiple types of incidents, including (hopefully, but not limited to) mysterious sightings, biohazards, cultist attacks, and unexplained criminal activity. Basically think of each one as its own X-Files episode. Note that many of these will be randomly generated.

Recon Report - the manila folder
After you click the recon button, you are taken to this screen, which provides more data on the incident. From here, you can either assemble a response team of agents or file the report to the archives, where it can be reviewed. This also removes the incident from the world map.

Recruitment Screen - The one with the CIA seal
This is a subset of the Personnel screen (yet to be shown). Here, you can recruit specialist agents from branches of the federal government, i.e. select character classes. This is list is in no way finalized yet.

Persons of Interest Screen - clearly labeled
This is a subset of the Intelligence screen (yet to be shown). Persons of interest are individuals who the Black Chamber believes to be involved with certain extranormal groups or possess unique knowledge. Some work for mysterious organizations, and some are independent. Black Chamber agents can be sent to trail them, and specialist agents (recruited from the Recruitment screen) can also be put on the hunt, provided they have the necessary skills (at this point, CIA and FBI Agents only). Once located, these persons of interest can be captured and interrogated, providing the Black Chamber with either information on the organizations they work for or the occult knowledge at their disposal.

The Lab - Research Screen
Here, objects and materials gathered from responding to incidents and completing missions can be analyzed and dissected. Some of these materials take the form of forensic evidence, which FBI agents can gather, and are easier to research if higher amounts have been collected. Other items include tomes like the picturedUnaussprechlichen Kulten (google it) which, once fully researched, can be experimented with (like in the second picture, possibly providing the Black Chamber with invaluable knowledge. However, experimentation is not an exact science, and sometimes leads to Agents being deployed to the Chamber's own labs in order to deal with the unforeseen consequences. Like persons of interest, specialist agents (CDC and NASA) can be assigned to research specific items. Be wary of doing so, because, like their more common counterparts, your specialists are at risk of succumbing to the insanity that comes with learning that which man was not meant to know.

Operations Screen - Clearly labeled
Operations unlock for specific reasons, such as when a person of interests location is pinpointed or Black Chamber Agents locate the secret lair of a hostile organization. Operations are one time only, and will serve as either "boss" or finale missions. Because of their limited availability and necessity, additional squads of soldiers and other resources are placed at the Chamber's disposal during operations.
Underneath the name of each operation, the amount of time that remains for each operation to be executed is listed. Why might you not elect to execute each operation immediately, you ask? Well, if an organization's persons of interest remain at large, they will appear in the organization's safehouse, making the operation much more difficult. There are hefty consequences for allowing operations to expire; persons of interest escape, and cultists left to their own devices summon world ending eldritch abominations to wreak havoc upon our unsuspecting world.
Operation types will include (but are not limited to, yet): search and destroy, snatch and grab, hostage rescue, and boss battles.

Mission Screen - the sweep and clear picture
This is where the most development needs to be done. Here, combat occurs, mysterious events are investigated, and Black Chamber agents come face to face with otherworldly terror. In combat missions, support drops can be called in, which cost money. These are sort of like kill streak devices in Call of Duty and include UAVs, Predator drones, airstrikes, guided missile strikes and helicopter gunships. While these may seem overpowered, keep in mind that some entities take a lot of firepower to subdue and may be indestructible. Sometimes the only way out is a tactical retreat.

Getting started

Getting started


Just getting started with this project. Using resources from Zanyzora and Sithjester because of the engine's lack of modern tilesets and my lack of expertise...

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