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Jump into the action and battle your way through hordes of aliens from canyon deserts to tropical islands ! Complete the story-driven levels by collecting gas cans and defeating boss aliens to unlock upgraded weapons and perks to achieve the maximum fire-power !

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Having played to the end, I enjoyed the game and it was funny despite some minor glitches. There should however be some improvements for the animations.

I would rate this game 7 but since there are trolls in here, I will add up my rating to 10 to do my best to negate the trolling.


I was honored to beta test this game while it was developed, so i didn't pay for the game. But i have to say, this really doesn't color my review in any way because i really do like this game. Specially as game dev myself i like it that it was made by one man only, which is really special. The game in itself is very amusing, i like games like these with tons of enemies, weapons and ammo were you can keep shooting for hours. And for the prize of 4 dollar its really a whole lot of fun for little money. So, that is why i give it a 10. And Devdan who made the game keeps updating it over time, something which most developers really don't do. Some even don't fix bugs, not Devdan, he keeps polishing it and only for that he already deserves a 10 in my book!



Razorm says

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good game with lot of aliens to kill



Turn this thing into a multiplayer map. Looks like you just run around shooting aliens. Although, the breakable objects are pretty sweet though. I liked the aliens smashing through the walls and tables etc.

Cool graphisme

Looks cool

This game is a good game I think that it should be free and then it would be great


I Just support indie devs :) and i love it when i see one publish their own game. It gives me hope that one day mine will also be published. Keep up the hard work Devdan!!!


znclego says

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