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Templar Battleforce is an addictive mix of strategic combat and army building with the precision gameplay of RPGs. Step into a Leviathan mech and lead the Templar Knights in battle against fierce Xenos. Create your own unique Battleforce by recruiting an array of Templar specialists -- and invent distinct strategies for your fireteams. Deploy your forces in tactical scenarios that challenge both novice and veteran alike. Put your best strategies to the test and see if you can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in this futuristic turn-based wargame.

Armored in the Leviathan battle mechs, your mighty Templars will face hordes of terrifying Xenos, rogue human factions, and the ancient Narvidian threat. Slash and blast your way across a deep and deadly sci-fi universe -- waging war with cunning Scouts, righteous Soldiers, flamethrowing Hydras, specialized Engineers, deadly Sentry Turrets, and the indomitable Berserks.

Lead your squad as they blast, hack, and burn their way through the quadrant!

  • Command your Templars in turn-based tactical warfare across 45+ unique scenarios
  • Face diverse challenges in every deployment: corridor-to-corridor, open desert warfare, territory control (capturing tactical points), defensive last stands, scorched-earth retreats, infiltration deep behind enemy lines, and complex puzzles
  • Lead your squad in battle against immense and mighty bosses
  • Immerse yourself in a branching sci-fi storyline and explore a vast sci-fi lore
  • Deploy specialist Templars and discover unique fireteam combinations with stealth, grenades, defensive overwatch, scorching flamethrowers, hindering attacks, and sentry turrets
  • Face 25+ diverse enemy units: the Xeno, the Narvidians, and rogue human factions
  • Build your unique battleforce with exacting precision, recruit and design every squad member
  • Customize the appearance, armor design, talents, and equipment of your veteran Templars
  • Endless combinations of squads, soldiery, and tactics will keep you coming back for more!

The Templar Knights are a revered and storied martial order who were the elite forces for the Star Traders during their most challenging conflict: the Galactic War against the Guild.

Their unchallenged prowess derives from two key factors:

  • Leviathan Battle Suits - They pilot 10 foot tall battle mechs known as Leviathan Battle Suits. Once designed for high-pressure environments and exploring gas giants and deep space, these mechs have been adapted for war.
  • Templar Lineage - Templars descend from a Zendu bloodline -- a unique heritage that gives them the ability (with proper training and ritual) to pass all of memories from their lives (and any memories passed down by their ancestors) to a newly born child. This memory gift is known as a Templar’s Lineage – and it is what gives Templars their immense advantage in combat, tactics, engineering, and the ability to drive the hulking Leviathan Battle Suits. The player takes on the role of a Templar Captain who hails from a storied Lineage reaching back 87 Templars -- and who pages back through the memories to help cope with the dire situation at hand.

The Templar Knights are a martial order sworn to protect the Star Traders – the last known free humans. Under the guidance of the Templars and the prophet Shalun, the Star Traders departed the ruins of the Galactic Core, leaving behind desolation wrought by the great Galactic War. Guided by the prophet, the Star Traders sought a new home among the stars. Across the multi-generational journey of the Great Exodus, many ships have been lost, fallen behind, or splintered from the main fleet -- scattering the Star Traders to the galactic winds.

With the Great Exodus coming to an end, the Star Traders founded new colonies on the few remaining habitable worlds. The Templar Knights are called upon once again to defend the Star Traders and their new colonies from an ancient threat.

Templar Battleforce is the fourth Trese Brothers title set in the Star Traders universe. The game follows Templar Assault, the Trese Brothers’ original squad-based warfare game in which players lead squads of Templar Knights against the Xeno threat. Templar Battleforce inherits not only the rich story of its predecessor, but the game’s high tension and corridor-to-corridor combat style. Games created by the Trese Brothers are known for challenging difficulty progressions, so you’ll have the option to play on easy and normal difficulties -- or crank it up into multiple gears of insanely challenging combat!

Trese Brothers Games is one of the premier indie game development studios for desktop and mobile RPG and strategy games. Andrew and Cory Trese founded Trese Brothers Games in 2010 from a shared passion for challenging, highly replayable games. With more than six games on major game platforms and markets, Trese Brothers Games has more than 2.5 million customers . . . and counting.

Come join the family! We’re an indie studio built on the mixed skills of three brothers: Cory is the oldest and our engineering ninja, Andrew is the middle brother who both codes and draws, and Martin is the youngest and the artistic talent behind Templar Battleforce. You can find our team interacting with gamers every day on our forum about everything from features to new content.

We make games we love -- and we hope you’ll love them, too!

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Today the Trese Brothers released an unexpected update to one of the fan-favorite strategy RPGs in their catalog, Templar Battleforce. First released in 2015, the game is an addictive mix of strategic combat and army building, with the precision of an RPG. Players recruit, train, and lead a squad of mech-piloting Templar Knights across 55+ unique turn-based scenarios. It holds an impressive 94%-positive review score (with over 700 reviews) on Steam.

The Trese Brothers have a reputation for frequent and ongoing updates to their games, always iterating based on player feedback and providing regular new content over a long lifespan for their games. Their biggest hit, the space sim sandbox RPG Star Traders: Frontiers, has received almost weekly updates of new content in just the last year.

But this latest update for Templar Battleforce is a surprise for players, coming more than five and a half years after release, and nearly a year after the last update to the game. Though it's not a sprawling expansion-scope level of content, it is a nice bit of attention to a game coming well beyond the usual lifespan of support for indie titles.

And, perhaps most excitingly for both long-time fans of the studio and new players excited to about party-based RPGs with turn-based tactical combat, this update makes special note of the Trese Brothers' next game in development, a dark-future heist RPG named Cyber Knights: Flashpoint.

Like Templar Battleforce, Cyber Knights has rich turn-based tactical combat and squad-building gameplay we've taken even further from all of your excellent feedback on this game. Now in the cyberpunk future of 2231, you'll recruit, train and kit out your underworld mercenary company for illicit missions that you'll be able to strategize & prepare for with even greater freedom using our unique heist RPG system.

Mix and match your squad's powerful abilities and cybernetic enhancements to fight, sneak, bribe and hack your way to your objectives and get out before the off-site security starts pouring in. Learn more about the setting and other gameplay elements of Cyber Knights: Flashpoint on its Steam page, or wishlist it right here.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint will be the first 3D game by the growing studio, shifting from the top-down 2D view of Templar Battleforce to a more isometric 3rd-person view. It's an exciting milestone for the studio, after raising over $200,000 for the new game on Kickstarter. Like Templar Battleforce, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint will be a new and multi-platform successor to one of Trese Brothers' earliest titles, continuing their tradition (as with the update itself) of making good games even better.

Players can wishlist the upcoming Cyber Knights: Flashpoint on Steam, and get the newly-updated Templar Battleforce on sale this week on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), the App Store, or Google Play (on sale starting 4/20).

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