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Philosophical point #1

To make a game that would perfectly fit the use of a depth sensing camera for controlling a supernatural power. The chosen power is telekinesis, otherwise known as Psychokinesis.

Philosophical point #2

A thought occurred. What if you are an individual with supernatural powers unwilling to be arrested for a crime you are sure that you haven’t committed and under the belief that resisting arrest is for self defense? The job of the police is to bring you in no matter the cost, until you are either unconscious or dead.

Philosophical point #3

Law enforcement officers are chosen as the antagonists for they offer the hardest challenge due to best funding. Resisting arrest without having any supernatural powers would not last long. But with any, failure or death is inevitable.

Common Questions

What is the game?

A third person ‘shooter’, where the protagonist is a human wielding the ability of powerful telekinesis and with it resisting arrest by police. It is the duty of the police to bring suspect to the court of justice at all costs. Meaning all assets of the government may be used to subdue the suspect, which is inevitable.

Why create this game?

Such a game lacks in the full body recognition space, eg. Microsoft Kinect. Also when Xbox One came out in November 2013 it always was sold with a Microsoft Kinect up until June 9th 2014, once around 5 million Xbox One’s were sold(Forbes source). Even after all that the Xbox One Kinect game market still only has a few Kinect exclusive titles.

Where does the game take place?

Indoors of a single building within an American metropolitan city in very early 21st century.

What do I control?

Player controls the human wielding telekinetic powers. A 3D depth sensing camera that recognizes full body motion has to be used to control the player and the power, eg. Microsoft Kinect.

What is the main focus?

Survive wave after wave of enemies as long as you can resisting arrest using telekinetic powers.

What’s different?

While there are games that either make use or even heavily rely on telekinetic powers, there is a serious lack in games that make use of full body recognition sensors… that are not dance games, which fit such controllers.
Having telekinesis mechanic work similarly how it was done in 2009 “Push” movie makes a great platform for controlling the power with full body motion. See the following YouTube clip uploaded by MovieClips.

There is however an unpublished Xbox 360 game called Telekinect(Unity forum thread), which has spellcasting that includes telekinesis, but is not the main focus of the game.

What now?

Now I have to apply to ID@Xbox in order to receive a Xbox One development kit. UWP would also work even with its limitations on Xbox One, though currently it doesn't seem possible to create a Kinect app for UWP (10). Getting in ID@Xbox might be very hard for me as I currently work alone and my country doesn't really have a single AAA game developing company.

How about a VR version of the game?

Sure, it would be quite doable. Especially for HTC Vive. But at the same time it would increase the scope of the game for which I already have low resources as it is. And that without mentioning that this would be my first commercial product.

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Pendrokar Creator

The main issue is that I require a special Xbox One in order to test the game on it and I have to submit it to Microsoft ID@Xbox as a judicial person. As a lone developer I feel demotivated as I expect Microsoft to not take me seriously. I also might have missed the Kinect V2 train as Kinect Fitness got removed from Xbox One Store and is now unplayable. "But don't worry, this time with Hololens it is going to be a revolution!" sure Microsoft... sure.

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