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Storyline goes like this:

You are a average young man who was on his 6-month military service (new law in the state) enlisted in navy. In one of his training cruises your ship get's destroyed by unknown cause and you barely survive. You find yourself with some ship parts on the beach of an island. Upon finding the map you find out that this island is uncharted and shouldn't exist because map was made by satellite images. With an weapon engineering manual, few weapons and military prototype food and water. No signs of the ship wreckage or your comrades just you. Will you be strong enough to come back home and see your Family and friends. Everything they taught you during your military service can't help you now. It's an unknown and unconventional enemy. Your instincts only can save your skin and give you the chance to return Home. Good luck soldier.

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Developement of this game lasted for around 20 days and it's advanced very well. I am planning to add more than just singleplayer mode as i stated and that mods are going to be survival and arena. Survival is going to be you fighting off hordes after hordes of zombies to get a good high score. I will try to make it more suitable to play with your friends and compete. Arena is going to be more complicated than survival it will consist out of multiple areas where your goal is to advance to further rooms or "Waves". It will be made for more strategical planning unlike survival which is more situational kind of game mode. Resources will be limited and power-ups are going to be costly. Arena is also going to be suited to play with your friends but matches are going to be longer than survival. I want to hear your opinion. Do you like when you can gather your friends in one room and just take turns and compete against each other like in good old times ? If you don't have friends avalible you can still play the singleplayer mode. I am planning to make a 6-8 hours campaign. Do you think that this campaign length is too short ? I am not a big studio i work alone on this game and even if it sounds short those levels are going to look nice and be full of content you won't get a walking simulator.

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