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Have you ever wanted to poop on party goers but were too socially awkward to just go for it? Well, Super Duper Party Pooper is about to change all that. In this follow up to the smash hit There’s Poop In My Soup by Rudder Games the player will find themselves in the middle of a raw human story of existential panic with airs of subtlety that will creep upon you unexpectedly - one might even say silently...but deadly. Visit exotic locations, travel from beijing to paris, from the polar ice caps to desert islands Sample the local delicacies, let them pile up inside until you couldn’t possibly take anymore, then, turn around, take aim, and drop a deuce or two on the party crowd. Super Duper Party Pooper is a rhythm based party pooping simulator that has the player chomping down as much food as possible to the beat of the music. The more food you eat, the more poops you create, much like real life. The player then unleashes those poops onto the party crowd trying to rack up as many points as possible, allowing them to unlock new locations and bonus features. But the fun doesn’t stop there, Players can add their own music to the game and poop to the beat of their favorite tunes, you can pinch a loaf to the beat of beyonce’s new hit single, drop a deuce to michael jackson's thriller or drop the kids off at the pool while listening to Adele’s relationship problems, the poosibilities are endless. The game also features Steam Workshop integration and the characters are completely customizable allowing the community to edit or create new characters, animations, pooping styles and more. There are parties out there just begging to get pooped on, what are you waiting for?

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Out on Steam !


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We have just released "Super Duper Party Pooper" on Steam. Thank you for all the kind support and interest thus far. It has been a crazy few weeks, we never thought the game would make so many people laugh but it did and it felt GREAT. The game is available on STEAM for $0.99 with Achievements, Trading Cards and Leaderboard. We will work on updates and more levels soon.

Thank you once again for all your support and encouragement.



Super Duper Party Pooper on Steam

Super Duper Party Pooper on Steam


Have you ever wanted to poop on party goers but were too socially awkward to just go for it? Well, Super Duper Party Pooper is about to change all that.

Super Duper Party Pooper now on Greenlight

Super Duper Party Pooper now on Greenlight

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After the great success of "Theres Poop in my Soup" and over 30 Million Youtube Views on some of the Biggest Stars channels i am releasing the next title...

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