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Jump into a world of clay and embark on a transformative adventure! Overcome challenges like corrupted assets, invisible walls, infinite loot chests and the ever present feature creep in this genre stretching physics platformer.

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Your physics simulated hands will actually come in handy as they can touch now.


But what does touching inside a video game actually mean? You can actually grab onto things with your touch which in turn will allow you to move objects. This will come in particular handy while you are stretched wide which also increases your strength. You can of course also push with your body additionally since its all physics simulation.

This feature even allows for multi-touch!


As you can see its a beautiful powerful sight to behold. How does this all make sense? I only have one answer for you: video game logic!

Introducing Super Clay Boy

Introducing Super Clay Boy


Super Clay Boy is a little different platformer...

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