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Starxium 20XX is a retro-futuristic competitive video game with cars, neons and 80s synths. Drive at high speed through the night to capture a convoy with your teammates !


It's finally here: the free pre-alpha demo of Starxium 20XX! You can play with up to 16 players and up to 8 teams.

Starxium 20XX public pre-alpha demo
Sparktite - - 6 comments

Hey guys love the concept and everything, it looks amazing but I tried the game and the physics feel super sluggish. The WASD controls in air are pretty bad if I could increase reduce my rotational speed mid-air with something like shift or control that might make it a bit better. Currently, find it way too hard to do tricks and there are no assists to help with launching/landing. Found myself constantly getting launched into the air and doing 180s upon landing or just flying off the map too often, basically if i were to play id only be doing backflips or barrel rolls 1 at a time. Also would love the ability to control my yaw axis on top of the pitch and roll.
My main complaint has to be that racing games are terrible on keyboards. The only ones that I can justify being on keyboard+mouse are very pretty racing games that have a million assists and that only works if you don't actually play racing games seriously or are just someone who is used to no physics in a game like the original NFS games. I play racing sims and sim-like games so I need some physics to work with so I can actually beat opponents or have fun, currently, the skill ceiling feels too low.
Hopefully, you guys are gonna be getting controller support setup sometime soon because until then I can't enjoy playing the game.
Also drifting is something I kill for in my racing games.
Best of luck with everything <3

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