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StarLust is a space-based RTS that features ships you build yourself! Build and customize your own fleet and fight in randomly generated solar systems.


StarLust Alpha 0.1.5a for 32 and 64 bit Linux! Play cross-platform with Windows and Mac players too! 0.1.5a features plenty of bug fixes and a few new features!

StarLust Alpha 0.1.5a - Linux

Yay for Linux support!!

I noticed that in the ship-designer, the camera cannot move below the ship. That feels weird, I think the maximum angle should be the same in both directions, up and down...

Other than that, plays nicely so far!

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UnicornProductions Author

I'm glad its working on Linux! Thanks for trying it!

The ship designer camera is purposely limited right now. Being an RTS that's played from a top down/isometric view and those ships in the designer are the same ones you bring into battle we kept the details low on the bottoms. You'll never see the bottom of the ships in combat so we figured it was just easier to not worry about them, at least for now!

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