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Star Merc is an open world space rpg. You assume the role of a manufactured space mercenary who is instructed on basic mission details and sent on his way expected to complete the objectives his creators have set. However, it is the players who decide what orders to follow and who from, the game provides many different choices that heavily affect situations, outcomes and relations within the game. Players also have the freedom of traveling to different planets and locations searching for loot, missions or shady business.

Some of the features include

- The freedom to travel when and where depending on the choices you make

- Many different weapons and items at your disposal

- Unlock special suit abilities as you level up

- Different Alien races to befriend or destroy

- Encounters with hostile and friendly space monsters

- Many different environments, planets and locations

- Important choices that drastically change circumstances and your surroundings

- Many more!

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Hi everyone Star Merc is now available to buy on Steam as Early Access, the reason i have chosen the early access route is due to the fact there is going to be alot of content within the game and any feedback, ideas or issues reported by the community can be added, removed or addressed before the game gets its final release. I plan on releasing updated builds of the game every week so anyone enjoying the game can see the new content and test any bugs that were reported, you can view the games steam page here.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported the game i have also added a short playthrough of the current build to give people an idea if the game is something they would enjoy so please have a look.

Star Merc is now on Greenlight!

Star Merc is now on Greenlight!


Star Merc is now on steam greenlight please check it out, thanks for the support!

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