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Unreal Engine project using the setting and some of the content of the original STALKER games. We are trying to bring the multiplayer part that was almost unusable in the original game back to life. Right now it's a multiplayer only project. There will be no story. In the future plans if we find enough support we think about developing the idea of STALKER on Unreal Engine and make our own world.

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The new video shows the change of day and night. Our own realisation.

New screenshots shows new features on the "Dark Valley" map: trees, grass, etc. Trees, grass, bush were made by using technology SpeedTree.
Openning Group

Openning Group


Welcome! This official group game S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Unreal Zone. In this group you will learn about the development of the game, see fresh screenshots and...

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TerrorHurtz - - 47 comments

Is there a build of the game that can be downloaded? Or not that far yet?

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Mad(rus) - - 307 comments

it's not dead. They just working in other project - Armored Mayhem

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salesmax Creator
salesmax - - 22 comments

We are sorry to anounce: The project is dead.

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scottellison92 - - 492 comments

if this is dead is your source code available?

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lingching07 - - 20 comments

These weapons do look cool , but why no animation?

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Soliddoors_ZA - - 1,048 comments


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WodkaGT Creator
WodkaGT - - 21 comments

Still alive. New Screenshots and Videos soon.

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ZeroComfort - - 82 comments

Could you please show us some new media? I'm really anxious to see something cool!

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Gothii_Imperator - - 136 comments

just to clarify, this mod is not dead they are just having to code and script every tiny detail of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series into the unreal engine, make the models, the characters, the zones, the sub-zones, and maybe even voice it. just saying that so noone says its dead.

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lowenz - - 1,061 comments

Go on!

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