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Sphoxie is a physics based rolling ball adventure game, in it you must help the little spiky dude get back home after being sucked into a portal that has taken him into a strange unfamiliar boxy world full of many perils and strange boxy creatures. You must take control of the little dude, his spikes are not just for decoration, they help him climb up certain walls and steep slopes so you can collect the four red cubes in each of 24 levels to open the exits to be able to access all 3 different worlds.

Time is life and in Sphoxie this is very literal, the enemies will steal your time and falling of the level will really make you lose time, don't fret because time flows both ways, you can get more time by collecting the yellow and red cubes or knocking the bad guys into the ether. The little dude is not totally defenseless because he has a special blast power and by slamming into anything hard enough unleashes a powerful shock-wave that will knock anything away. This power will be very useful in the boss battles where you must knock all the bosses of the platform to unlock the next world.

If you are a speed demon there is a race mode where you must beat each level (without the bad guys or yellow cubes) as fast as possible for the top time. There are various unlockables for achieving certain things in the game like different tails, sun glasses and more!

Many dangers and obstacles await, can you handle it?


- 24 fun and diverse levels

- 3 Challenging boss fights

- 3 Unique worlds

- Simple yet deep gameplay

- Climb on walls

- Beautiful visuals powered by the Unreal Engine 4

- Made by just one person

- Achievements and Leaderboards

- Unlockable Customization options for your character

- Race mode

- Music by Anitek

- Made in the Unreal Engine

- And lots more!

Control with the keyboard W,A,S,D for movement and Q,E or the mouse for camera control and space for action.

With the controller left stick/dpad to control and right stick for the camera

If there is enough interest I can try and make a Linux & OSX build

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Hello everybody! I've been working on my first PC game "Sphoxie" for many years (too many years) and I finally released it! I never thought I'd make it to the end but here we are. Sphoxie started it's life as an iOS game but was really held back by the touch controls and that was the reason I decided to make a PC version to see it's full potential.

The reason it took so long was because life got in the way, I started new jobs that were draining and would use my vacation time to make progress. I tried a Swiss crowd funding attempt but that failed to reach it's goal, that may have slowed my roll but it didn't stop it. Finishing a game is never easy and the final 10% of finishing a game is brutal, those bugs that just wont die, the grind because all the fun stuff is completed, the problem that you become too good at your game and lose any objectivity of what a proper difficulty is supposed to be.

The biggest set back I had with releasing Sphoxie was trying to release it on multiple platforms at the same time, PC, iOS and Android. This proved to be a nightmare and the best course of action was to do one at a time. I prioritized PC because touch controls don't really suit this kind of game, now that it's out on Steam and I get the initial feedback I'll build and publish the iOS version soon, I'm giving up on Android because it's a lot of extra work with very small reward in return.

Anyway what is Sphoxie?

It's a physics based rolling ball game, in it you take control of the little dude and must navigate all the 27 levels to make it home.

Words do no justice so check out this little trailer I made for it: Youtu.be

Check out the steam page for screen shots.


If you're curious about gamedev or as to how I made Sphoxie, here's a play list of the development video blogs, I'll eventually make a post mortem over the weekend to talk about the aftermath of it all.


I would like to thank Epic Games for making an amazing engine available to just anyone willing to put the time and effort to get something done.

I hope you give Sphoxie a shot and I'm open to all kinds of feedback!

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