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IGF 2012 Student Competition Entrant

Spelunking Club Session

School: Acedemy of Interactive Entertainment (Canberra, ACT - Australia)

Game Website: Spritehammer.com

Spelunking Club Session is a lighthearted, tongue in cheek game about creating your ultimate underground night club. The world of Spelunking Club Session is inhabited by Spelunkers. Spelunkers are awesome little guys who just love to party.

The object of the game is to purchase objects for your club that generate revenue for you and make the Spelunkers happy. When the Spelunkers are happy they will buy more from your bars and shops. Whenever a Spelunker buys something you gain money, which you can use to purchase more objects for your club.

In Money Challenge mode your goal is to make $1,000,000 as fast as you can, starting with only $10,000. Free Play mode is a sandbox mode in which the party never ends.

The game features 45 different place-able objects each with three different themes, allowing you over 100 ways to customise your club.


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Little Spelunker


I would like to make a quick announcement that v.1.0 of spelunking club session is now available for download.
We know there are a few bugs in the Build, So if experience any bugs and if this happens to you. Just close and restart and should hopefully won't recur.

Other than that!
We would love to see your screenshots of your game and show us your nightclub that you have created. Upload them here, in the images section on this website.

A Spelunker.

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Spelunking Club Session v 1.0

Spelunking Club Session v 1.0

Full Version

The full free version of Spelunking Club Session 2011 To run and play, Simply unzip the file into a new folder and run "SpelunkingClubSession.exe" choose...


Tracking, and currently downloading.

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This should receive more recognition, Try posting a random news article...

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