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Watch out for explosive fun! A must for all fans of classic multiplayer arcade action! Play Ziggy Space Rat, the coolest rat of the galaxy, and engage in a crazy bomb blasting battle with Rasta Rat, Electro Rat and Titti or try to blow up the Spacesmorps!

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So this is it. Release day! At least for the German version. But this is huge for us, because there will actually be a boxed retail version. Like real plastic, printed stuff, a silver disc... ;-) And it will look like this:

Packshot of the German Retail Box

We didn't get an early copy, so we are so excited to finally get our hands on this. :-) Of course we have our digital master and we are really happy with the result of all our hard work. With all these pains we had to get through during development at one point we thought we wouldn't want to play our game anymore once it is finished. But fortunately this isn't the case. The multiplayer matches are so much fun!

Well, according to Kotaku.com, Every Video Game Sounds Better in German. So I hope you don't mind a trailer with German voice acting:

We supervised the voice acting in person together with our SFX partners and it was such a great experience thanks to the amazing dubbing actors.

Oh, by the way, the music is produced by Chris Hülsbeck & Sound of Games. Of course we're huge fans of Chris Hülsbeck so it was fantastic working with him.

Alright, I know what you're thinking: This is great and all but where is the English version?
This is one of the things that didn't work out according to plan. Originally we wanted to release the English version together with the German version, at least via download. Well, there was a delay with the English voice recordings, so we didn't make it in time. We hope the recordings will be done in a few weeks' time and as soon as we get the English masters we can finalize the English Space-Rat Xplode!

But in the meantime we'll celebrate the release of the German retail version! Partytime!! :-D

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