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You have just retrieved the ancient Star Relic from the hands of the Swarm, now you have to survive until you escape from their reach. Will you be able to succeed against betrayers and a relentless ancient force?

Form Your Crew

  • Play with 4-6 players.
  • Eight different characters to choose from, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses and special cards.


Play cards and abilities to survive and betray

  • Specialized skill decks to complement your role.
  • Try to get away by playing cards with ambiguous effects.
  • Play negative effects anonymously.


Use all tools at hand to succeed

  • Rule as the Joker and tap into the Wild deck to control the fate of your mates as you see fit.
  • Perform specialized actions through the ship facilities (Call for new elections, imprison players, control ships).


Team up to overcome challenges

  • Play your cards as either buffs or debuffs.
  • Use your skill cards to influence and control results.


Defend against the endless Swarm forces

  • Manage your resources to stay alive, measure risks and diminish your losses.
  • Maintain and repair your ships to keep fire from spreading.
  • Pilot ships and take down the Swarm forces with the help of your combat cards.

Swarm Forces

Choose your escape route

  • Be the Admiral and choose the jump destinations to lead the crew to victory (or not).
  • Overthrow suspicious players and take their title.

Destiny Map

Win and lose together

  • No player removal mechanics.
  • Players can be constrained but not put out of a match.
  • Unique mechanics to revealed betrayers.

Who do you trust? How will you triumph?

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Space Betrayers Devlog #02


Hi Sailors, we are here once again to show some of our progress since our last devlog! The game has changed drastically since our last update and we are now working on the final missing foundation stones. You guys can expect a lot more updates in the next couple weeks.

New Main Menu Screen

Our all new main menu screen. There are still some functionalities we want to add later on but the core is done.

New Select Character Screen

We have a completely new character selection screen and flow. Players can now easily read about each character, show their pick intentions to the other players and select their desired character in any order.

Combat Overhaul

Dodge and miss chances are no more! The space combat now uses a health/shield system, adding an extra layer of strategy and making it more predictable. This is the main and first step in the direction of what we want combat to be.

Swarm Intent

Swarms ships now show their next intention during the turn start. This simple change should add yet another layer of strategy to space combat, as players are now able to make decisions based on how the Swarm will act at the end of the turn.

Second Floor

The second floor rooms are now done! There are some utility rooms such as the “Conference Room” where players can call for a timeout to discuss loyalties and other rooms focused on the Joker title mechanics.

Second Floor:

First Floor:

And that’s what we have to show for now. Lastly, we have an exciting announcement to make next Thursday, so stay tuned and don’t forget to Follow us to not miss it!

Space Betrayers Devlog #01

Space Betrayers Devlog #01


Speaking of what happened before the Steam reveal, we spent the last couple of weeks making sure everything would, at least, meet the minimum expectations...

Now Arriving at: Steam!

Now Arriving at: Steam!


The game has been under development for quite some time and we are finally able to share with everyone about it

March Roundup

March Roundup


March was a month of improvements over old systems and getting things ready for a soon-to-come surprise!

February Roundup

February Roundup


Hi Sailors, it's that time of the month again! We spent the last couple of days improving the overall game feel and visuals, while also making a couple...

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