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Spaß Taxi ("Spaß" is the German word for "fun") is a clone of the original Space Taxi, where you need to bring passengers from one pad to another in weird environments with unexpected obstacles.

Over the course of 40 levels, you will see a nice mix of:

  • Quick reactions

    Avoid rockets and lasers or pass through moving gaps.

  • Puzzles

    Push the right buttons, find the shortest path or utilize teleporters.

  • Learning

    Memorize the passengers and their destinations, find out better (and quicker) ways to move, land or get your customers into or out of your car.

  • Dexterity

    Use the right amount of thrust to be fast, but not crash into stuff and quickly know which thruster to use while flying upside down in veteran mode.

New and old

This version of the game takes the original concept and adds or changes a lot of things to get a whole new experience while retaining some of the retro feeling.

  • Rotation

    The taxi can now rotate to get through narrow passages, avoid obstacles or even land on the ceiling.

  • Different Passengers

    There are those that fancy to loop the loop and go fast, but there are also those who will reveal their last meal if you rotate too much.

  • Health instead of lifes

    The car has health (or integrity) and you can repair it while parking at a repair station (which costs money) or by having a mechanic on board.

    When there is nothing left to repair, you can buy a new car if you have enough money.

  • Ghosts

    Race against the ghosts of other players (recorded playthroughs). Just select a highscore and prove that you can do it better. Or learn from them.

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