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Souls of War - is a game
about burdens of war. The game takes place in Iraq, where you have to
choose on
which side you will be. We are trying to make the game close to reality.
We are planning to make a game in which will be a huge amount of
customization options for weapons. You will be able to make a weapon
that you enjoy. You can choose several perks to improve your character.
For us the most important thing is the quality of the game.Concept art

Souls of War features high quality weapons. Our best designer is creating new
weapons. We are planning to add different scopes and perks for all guns. This
adds a large variety of the weapons. You will be able to make a weapon that
will suit your taste. Some examples:

Terrain - We
are working on every detail, so that it blends harmoniously with the
surroundings. We want to make a bright and colorful locations.

Physics - We
are designing every object in the world to be fully dynamic. Construction,
vehicles, players, objects, everything is physically simulated.

Customizable Characters - We plan on allowing you to to create
your own character. Choose his or
her abilities and skills. Yes, we are planning to create not only the
male characters, but also female ones. They will be in the final version
of the game.

Vehicles -
Yes we are planning to add some vehicles. We will add helicopters, you will be able to strike at the enemy's positions.

Multiplayer and SinglePlayer - Initially we planned to make only a
multiplayer mode, but then decided to add and single mode. We will have both
modes playable in the game.

Game Modes - We are
doing a lot of game modes and you
can choose what you want. We are doing something new and exciting, something that will appeal to many people.

We've been developing Souls
of War in our free time for nearly 1 year. Nearly 3 months ago we put a video
of it up on Youtube and we got a ton of great comments and support from
everyone online. Since then we decided
to work full time on Souls of War.

In the meantime we have
been working really hard on the design and backend of the game. We now have a
prototype of the game and we hope to turn it into a complete game.

We chose IndieGoGo because
it's a very open funding platform, and we hope to raise enough money to make a
fully fledged Single Player & Multiplayer for our game. Here is what we will
use the money for:

Survival: Rent, food, and internet to keep 3
developers working full-time for a year.

Hosting: Server hosting costs money,
especially ones with alot of speed and bandwidth. Your money will help keep our
main servers going, plus, allow us to provide some dedicated servers for the

Software: Help us afford the essential
software needed for pushing this game forward.

Multiplayer: We plan to make a robust
multiplayer experience.

Single Player: In order to do a proper single player
game you need good A.I and lore. Good things take time to develop.

Art: Were looking to purchase some high
quality creatures, characters, and weapons from some great 3D art talents we've
got lined up. We want you to be able to feel the Souls of War.

So your money will go to
making everything the best it can be.

We've decided to use
IndieGoGo because we feel we can only innovate without barriers by remaining
independent. We enjoy communicating directly with you and we love all your
ideas for the game. This is what makes developing games so special to us, it's
fun, it's innovative, we get to share with you, and we feel the need to create.Received $ 5000 - we will be able to buy the necessary software and some necessary equipment.
Received $ 10,000 - we will increase the number of weapons, customization options, perks and maps.
Received $ 50,000
- we'll make a good single player game (we now have only a few levels),
we will add a single co-op game, improve destructible objects, add
vehicles and improve character animation.
Received $ 100,000 -
we can rent office space and we no longer have to live in cardboard
boxes on the street :) We will buy the best equipment and will be able
to work properly without being distracted.

Our vision for Souls
of War is innovation and fun, and by contributing to our campaign you will
empower that idea and make this happen.

The Full Game:

Everyone who contributes to
our IndieGoGo (enough to qualify for the first reward) will receive the full
game of Souls of War and all of its updates free, forever until the final
release! The game is currently in its alpha stage. We plan on developing it
over the next couple years yet, so there is much more to come. It will be
digital download only.

*Updates do not necessarily
include possible future user generated mods, and any exclusive cosmetic content
provided for higher tiers then the one you purchased.

Special Content:

Specialweapons and uniforms, which will be available
only to you.

Your Name In Game:

Your names will be in the credits of the game and may your name be called characters in
single player.


There are 3 T-Shirt designs
to pick from. As the game nears completion, we will reach out to you, and you
can pick what T-Shirt you want and your size. The T-Shirts are limited edition
and for backers only.

Autographed Poster:

Art posters will be
delivered as the game nears completion, we will reach out to you then. The
posters will be limited edition and for backers only.

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