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Smintheus is 2D action-adventure / puzzle game where you craft gadgets to overcome obstacles, fight enemies, manipulate environment and various creatures while being chased by crazy, but powerful cat whose life purpose is to capture you and kick your butt for no good reason.

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After six long years, Smintheus is finally Released!

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Smintheus finally sees the light! Yahoooo!!!

It's been a long journey, nearly 6 years full of sweat, blood and tears, but here we are - bringing a fine product with high quality polishing an indie game developer could afford. If you like action-adventure games like "The Legend of Zelda", but wish experience the challenge of puzzle genre then this game is for you - especially for you, if you are a 90s retro game aficionado. Smintheus is a true new retro-like game with a spirit of oldies mixed with modern accessibility.

Without doubt, made with love!

Gei it on steam now: Smintheus On Steam!

So, what's next? Game development doesn't end with release - there are couple of plans that needs to be addressed. Here are some that concerns Steam release:

  • Publish a walkthrough, both written and video versions
  • Finish drawing achievements (they are all functional)
  • Translate game to as many languages as possible
  • Extend soundtrack, Ideally, each level has its own tune.
  • Port to Mac
  • Modding support
  • Level Editor

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