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Dive into bizarre world of Smintheus and take a role of young craftsman Gerald who tries his best to survive the chase lead by his former friend - Lanky the cat. It seems like nothing is capable of stopping this mad and frantic cat, leaving escape as only option for survival.

But even that won't last forever - only hope is to rely on ones wits. Help Gerald survive the chase and lead him to the freedom!

Gerald the mouse, a young craftsman, was forced to leave his home village due to danger emanating from the local dweller, Lanky the cat. Gerald and Lanky used to be friends, but that quickly ended after something radically changed Lanky. The cat simply became obsessed with destroying the poor mouse without giving any explanations for his hateful desire. With failed attempts to fight the cat there was nothing left to do for Gerald but to run away for his life.


  • Majestic World of Smintheus
    Explore majestic and beautiful fantasy world of Smintheus. Your adventures will cover 4 unique worlds: mystical wastelands, abandoned mines, mountain sewers as well as magical forest.

  • Art of Gadgeteer
    Embrace the power of the gadgets. With nearly 24 gadgets at your disposal, use them to solve riddles, overcome obstacles, escape danger, fight foes or simply make your life of an adventurer much comfortable.

  • You're Being Hunted
    Your former feline pal desires to destroy you no matter what the cost. Wherever you go, he goes. Given that there is no way to beat the cat, you can only only hope to outsmart him.

  • The Path of Warrior
    You're not just a craftsman, but someone who knows how to stand up for himself. Use your tools against those who dare to stand on your way.

  • Survival of the Wittiest
    The world is full of riddles and puzzles of all kinds ranging from classical puzzles that requires manipulation of boxes, levers, switches and gates to gadget based puzzles where one often needs to combine couple of gadgets together to solve a riddle.

  • The Power!
    Completing side quests or picking up books will grant you experience points which can be used to unlock various perks. These perks aren't necessary to complete the game, but they will make your journey much easier.

  • Retrospective Sound
    Experience colorful soundtrack inspired by the late 80s music. Each moment of adventure has its own dedicated tune.
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Smintheus finally sees the light! Yahoooo!!!

It's been a long journey, nearly 6 years full of sweat, blood and tears, but here we are - bringing a fine product with high quality polishing an indie game developer could afford. If you like action-adventure games like "The Legend of Zelda", but wish experience the challenge of puzzle genre then this game is for you - especially for you, if you are a 90s retro game aficionado. Smintheus is a true new retro-like game with a spirit of oldies mixed with modern accessibility.

Without doubt, made with love!

Gei it on steam now: Smintheus On Steam!

So, what's next? Game development doesn't end with release - there are couple of plans that needs to be addressed. Here are some that concerns Steam release:

  • Publish a walkthrough, both written and video versions
  • Finish drawing achievements (they are all functional)
  • Translate game to as many languages as possible
  • Extend soundtrack, Ideally, each level has its own tune.
  • Port to Mac
  • Modding support
  • Level Editor

Follow me (or the game) on:
Twitter: neutonmouse
Instagram: smintheus.game
Youtube: YouTube Smintheus
Facebook: smintheus2D
Gab: neutonmouse
Minds: neutonmouse
Mastadon: @neutonm
Tumblr: neutonmouse
Pinterest: neutonmouse

Contact via social media or mail:

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Smintheus - Beta - Windows

Smintheus - Beta - Windows


Smintheus beta (0.96 - May 1st of 2018). Last beta release for windows platform.

Smintheus - Beta - Linux

Smintheus - Beta - Linux


Latest (0.96 - May 1st of 2018) version of Smintheus Beta specially released for Linux platform.

Smintheus Alpha - Linux Edition

Smintheus Alpha - Linux Edition


Not so stable linux release (but it workz!) Follow up "Readme.txt". Fullscreen might fail.

Smintheus Alpha

Smintheus Alpha


As the title says. Alpha version specially released for public testing.


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