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This is a remastered version of a game called "Slender's woods." This project will be our biggest project as of yet.

Credits to my Development Group

  • Z3 / 3X0TIC -- Lead Developer
  • Antler Mutt Zak - Concept Artist
  • SpaceD54 - Concept Artist
  • WhatZitTooya - 3D Modeler
  • DarkUndeadSpawn - Level Design
  • Gamedev02 - 3D Modeler
  • Redhacker2 - Programmer
  • Hans / Arvi - Tester
  • Kurowski - Tester
  • crazysketch85 - Tester.
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Hello again.

Happy holidays ya'll, we've been at work producing some good material here. Let's see what we've been up to.


Our 3D WhazItTooya has been produced some high quality models to use on our game, see for yourself.

A Television sitting on top of a chair.

Our Other 3D Modeler Gamedev 02 has modeled us a Cabin, amazing right?

Our Cabin

That's all Folks.

-Z3 / 3X0TIC

Slender's Woods - Redux -- First Screenshot.

Slender's Woods - Redux -- First Screenshot.


The First Devblog on the game, the info on the demo and the progress of the game itself.

The Start of Something

The Start of Something


Detailing of the Beginning of the project, giving links to our social media links.

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Also go follow the original creator for this game -- @ZykovEddy

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