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Slenderpants is a Slender-style game that was developed by ThisWasEd and Liam de Waal. The aim of the game is to collect 8 pages, before Slenderpants gets you.

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C'mon, what is the next? A slenderdora, a slenderblue or a slendertoons..

This was pretty fun! Did a video on it. Timestamp: 4:29

This game is a mixture of funny and can be quite creepy in a way. I had fun playing it and having a laugh, It's one of those silly games that you'll either like or dislike it. It's so bad it's good, that's how I see it xD


hahaha i love this game so much. and it scared the crap out of my friend.

An excellent horror game, definitely builds up atmosphere as you eat more krabby patties. But the problem is, Spongebob gets stuck on trees, so I'll give it an 8.

it was o...k.... spongbob didnt look vary scary thought. but it fine.

It was lots of fun,except the "suffocating" part,which made no sense to me. I wish Spongebob's model was a bit better made,maybe with tentacles and a bit more animated. Reminds me of Slendytubbies a lot,but it was better. For a funny horror game it's pretty good,and I hope more people will find out about this game. Overall I give it 8/10.

A copy of slendytubbies which lacks originality, however renewed with sounds and new monster, SpongeBob SquarePants but it is not enough to see a difference. If you adore spongebob, why not try this out for yourself and see how you're great toon loves you xD


Awesome guy, awesome game ^_^


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