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Skuare Island. Welcome to a dreamscape all of your very own. Unfortunately for you, you are rather awful at dreaming up dreamscapes. Your dreamscape just so happens to be a small deserted island in the middle of an endless ocean made out of small colored squares. There is, however, a way out of this. You must catch the elusive Dreamfly floating about the top of the dreamscape! But that's not even the worst of it! Dream pirates have come to ransack your perfect little dream island! It's up to you to fortify your dreamscape in preparation for their arrival, so that they don't tamper your efforts of obtaining the Dreamfly and making your escape!

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Skuare Island


Skuare Island is about a surreal dreamscape land made out of colorful squares, or more appropriately, skuares. You find yourself as a small dreamperson stuck on this dreamscape, with your only goal being to catch the Dreamfly that floats about far above you, and fend off the dream pirates that seek to stop you from reaching this goal.

The pirate attacks become more frequent over time, and so it is up to you to discover ways of combining skuares of various colors to create new colors of skuares, or fish up more from the sea. Use these to climb into the aether above, and pluck the Dreamfly from the sky.

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