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Sim Hero Classic is an RPG/Simulation game where you manage groups of adventurers & send them into dungeons. This game can be thought of as a cross between an 8-bit CRPG & a typical sports-sim. Sim Hero is the most feature-rich rpg management sim that exists in the world... no, really! Oh, and it's FREE!

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Install Instructions geekfevermatt geekfevermatt - read

Nov 27 2014

Sim Hero FAQ geekfevermatt geekfevermatt - read

Nov 22 2014

gameplay feedback rutkowskidominik jzinger11 - read

Jul 16 2016

Latest Patch Notes geekfevermatt geekfevermatt - read

Aug 25 2015

v1.0.5 on the way! geekfevermatt geekfevermatt - read

Dec 9 2014


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