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Shinoken: Martial Cards is entirely focused on predicting your opponent's next move. Each card played shifts the characters' weight and tire them down. Players must use feints to force the opponent to block in the wrong direction and land a critical hit.

The mind game only gets more intense as characters get tired and close to losing consciousness. Options become limited and any wrong step can mean defeat.

About the development:

I've been developing the game while trying to figure out a way to improve combat during Pen&Paper RPG sessions. As I tried to implement the kind of mind game that goes on during a real life sparing, I slowly came to realize that what I was developing would work perfectly as a stand alone game. And about one week later, here we are :)

If the game can get some traction, I am planning on creating different decks for different martial arts. I also want to add an AI and a single player mode, where the character would unlock cards as he improves his martial art.

Ultimately, I would like to go back to my original goal and create a version of the game that can fit right into a Pen&Paper RPG game, with stats etc, and eventually print the cards and a board.

But it all depends on how successful the alpha is! So go try the game out, and if you like it, please share it!

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Name Changed!


The name of the game as well as the domain have been changed from Brawl Master to Shinoken: Martial Cards. The new address is Playshinoken.com.

Brawl Master was a bit of a mouthful for non English speakers. Hopefully Shinoken (Fist of Death) has a better ring to it :). Also, the subtitle Martial Cards suggests that it's about cards and fighting!

Here is the new Logo (to be iterated upon):

Shinoken Logo

There is also an official Twitter account where you can get news about the game: @PlayShinoken. The development is going strong and BIG updates with much more content are coming, so make sure to follow it!

Brawl Master's alpha is out

Brawl Master's alpha is out


Brawl Master's alpha is out! Here is some story behind the development of the game.

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