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Hi Player have might power of shazam's electricity , still you need to charge mobile phones for living. You will be rewarded on every phone charged. There would be an efficiency calculator which will monitor your ability of charging each and every phone. Try not to exhaust the efficiency bar or your shift would be ended there effective immediately. Play and Share !

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One to One Million Downloads


This is not promotional/Self post, but I am all set to push my Indie Studio to cross 1 Million mark!A little info about me:

  1. I have about 10 games published under my studio name in Google Play store, Link: Play.google.com , some of which have few thousands downloads other not more than 100. (I know games are mediocre)
  2. In Debt. Some thing around 25k Usd, But have a family business so there is support from there.
  3. Was almost divorced last week, Some how managed to save it.
  4. No fitness routine.
  5. Almost Alcoholic.

So I gonna Change this now. I am targeting One complete year. And would Hit One Million mark with all my games combined. That is for sure.I am gonna port all of games on App store(Ios) no play store, no Itch.io, no game jolt, nothing.Exclusive App Store!Started work-out routine from today's morning, would do 5 times a week atleast ( Yoga / Work out)Cutting off Alcohol at most 2 Days a week.Would devote 5 Hours in my games on daily basis Monday to Sunday.Clear all debit in this year.Date 14 - Oct - 2019 Target 14 - Oct - 2020Wish me luck, would keep posting here!Thank you.

Shazammm! Live now

Shazammm! Live now


You have mighty power of shazammm, But stuck in a factory for money!

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