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The boshin war is tearing Japan apart. Followers of the Emperor constantly face the forces of the shogunate in brutal battles. No side wants to surrender, both fighting not only for power, but also for something greater and much more important - for a place in history. The stakes have never been this high. You can feel the tension in the air; the restlessness, the weight of the entire conflict, the resolve of both sides to see things through to the very end. But not everything is as it seems and it's not just humans that want to secure their place on this land.

During the commotion, a ronin known by the name of Satoru is left hopeless and disgraced by the fall of his master, Mochitsugu. Without a master and no reason to fight, it seems like he no longer has a place in this world. However, it all changes when a certain young boy crosses his path, suddenly surprising him with a crossroad he never assumed he would have to face.

Join Satoru and a few other outcasts during the battle for peace, for power; decide what road they should take. But be warned - selecting one does not mean that the shadows of another won’t try to follow you.

This turn-based RPG will bring you to the world of Japan right at the downfall of the feudal era and will let you test your skills against enemies that are clearly human, but also those that somehow escape such an easy classification. What’s more, the Emperor is supported by East Nippon Company, a British trade conglomerate with unclear intentions, equipped with powerful steam-powered machines wreaking havoc among the forces of the shogunate. Will you be able to overcome all the obstacles thrown your way? Or will you give in and choose the easy way out?

Create your own path by making multiple decisions that will eventually influence the outcome of this immersive story - stay true to yourself and your principles or choose a darker path of sacrifice for your own gains. Haunt or be haunted. Overcome the shadows or let them consume you. The choice is yours, as it has always been - even if you can’t comprehend it yet.

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Today we want to tell you a little more about Ishida - a powerful figure concentrated on constantly improving his abilities.

Ishida (46 y. o.) is a yojimbo protecting Kenjirō, Toshiro's step-father - always present by his side.

He's an enormous, powerful mercenary wearing full armor at all times. Took part in devastating battles more than once. Carries a nodachi only he can handle.

He was meant to be a bodyguard and he is excellent at this job. He is also prone to violence as he wants to be the best in his profession no matter the cost.

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