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Taking place on an alternate Earth in the not-so-distant future where nothing is regulated. This has caused humanity to kill it's only home. You've fortunately won the chance of a lifetime to be one of the first settlers to join Seneca 7, the Earth's first settlement on an alien world lightyears from home.

Armed with state-of-the-art technology and some funny-money in your wallet, you set out on an adventure to see if life on an alien world is possible. Can you learn to live off this unknown land and survive? Work together with the other settlers to learn everything you can and attempt to terraform this new world turning it into a thriving new home for humanity?

It won't be easy though. As with this discovery of a hope brings the darkest out of the shadows as hidden threats loom over this new found Eden. But with the help of the other settlers and a little dedication to cultivating this new world, you might just be the one to save the settlement and secure the future for everyone on Earth!

There are way more than 7 settlers living in the settlement on Seneca 7. Coming from all walks of life, get to know these people by sparking up a dialogue who knows they might have an important mission to give you or request to join your adventuring party — extra respect points for giving gifts, just be sure its something they like!

Making your new life on an alien world is dangerous, that is why some settlers will always be there to lend their hands no matter the task! You will always have; Terrey Chavez, Jimmy Nova, Farmer John, m0-x1E, Rosy Kaboom and a few others as willing allies always available to join your party. Be sure to build meaningful relationships with the other settlers, who knows who is willing to brave outside the settlement by your side.

One of the corner stones of this genre is the getting to date and marry one of the settlers! In the spirit of inclusion we have characters that cover all spectrums of the rainbow! No matter your relationship preference you will find someone to love or tolerate within the settlement.

Don't worry just because you can't "bang" these settlers doesn't mean you should ignore them! As getting to know them and their past could unlock dark secrets or powerful items or even a new ally to use as a "human shield". So be sure to talk to and get to know everyone in the settlement. You never know who will be the one to save or end your life.

Upon your arrival to the settlement you will be greeted by the savior of humanity; Leon Muskratt himself! Were he personally notices something special about you and takes you to your very own home in the settlement! Here you will raise animals, grow crops, catch fish, cook up delicious meals, craft fantastic new gear and even customize your homestead to fit your chosen class and décor tastes.

After arriving to space port at the top of the space elevator you will need to verify yourself with the information in the Seneca 7 Settler Database. This will allow you to be able to fully customize your character by selecting of your preferred pronouns along with your choice from the cyberpunk themed races where each race has a smattering of customization options that fit that races aesthetics.

  • The Human.
  • The Mutant.
  • The Half-Mutant.
  • The Robot.
  • The Half-Robot.

Your previous life on that boring dying Earth no longer matters and you get to be reborn into whatever class you want to pursue within the settlement. Each class has it's own divergent storyline tailored to the class's focused elements of gameplay for your enjoyment. For Example: You pick the solider you will have a gameplay experience filled with the throes of combat as opposed to picking the farmer which will fill your gameplay experience with cultivating the land!

  • The combat hardened Soldier.
  • The super stealthy Explorer.
  • The nature loving Farmer.
  • The highly skilled Crafter.
  • The knowledge seeking MagiScientist.

Need help deciding what to do with your days and nights on Seneca 7?! Don't worry with our vibrant mission system you will always have something to do. Be it missions that take your through the main story, or missions designed specifically for your chosen class even missions that are generated with our RMG (Random Mission Generator) you will always have something to do...for someone else.

As you progress through seasons of Seneca 7, learning more about the settlement and this new alien world you come to discover a dark and twisted plot hidden deep beneath the surface of this new found utopia. You quickly find out your choices alone could impact the settlement offering multiple endings to be discovered. Will you strive for the brighter future or will you fall to its hidden corruption? The choice will be yours.

Get to know the other settlers to learn about their backstories and interests. The more you show interest into their lives the stronger your bonds will grow with them. If you create a strong enough bond you will soon gain allies that would give their life for yours or even fall madly in love with you. But be careful you could offend someone enough that they will become your arch-enemy and no one has time for that.

This game will function around an adventuring party system. Each day the player will be able to form a party to adventure with during the day, be it exploring new found alien ruins outside the settlement or just spending the day on the sandy shores catching some rays.

We all know why we play RPGs...for the super rad loot. We got you covered, with our equipment system you will be able to find amazing outfits, powerful weapons, super useful tools and shiny accessories that can be upgraded, sold and traded!

Yeah buddy you get to be your favorite neuro-diverse cartoon star catching all the alien critters to become the Seneca 7 pet master supreme...Explore the world cataloging, capturing and battling all the alien critters out there.

Taking place on an alien world allows us to create environments, creatures and scenarios that you would never find in the standard genre of these games. So lets get kooky and wild. Who knows you might find hidden out there. I hear Jimmy Nova keeps talking about a sea in the sky...

Under the hood Seneca 7 has it's own enriched game system; complete with races, stats, levels, and an offering 5 different classes each with their own abilities, skills and equipment. Additionally build up enough of a relationship with the other settlers in the town to create an adventuring party to explore the dangerous yet beautiful world of Seneca 7 earning experience and leveling up for that funtastic RPG vibe we all love.

That is right! We are designing the game to allow couch coop for 2 (really tying to make 4 work) players to play and experience the story of the game together. And not some BS slave to player one nonsense. Each player will be able to have their own story and choices.

Don't give a hoot about farming RPGs and just wanna focus on that A of the RPG and battle with your buddies? Don't worry 2-4 players can locally battle each other in an out-of-box pvp battle mode reminiscent to those fighting games we all grew up with. *cough* remember those n64 games *cough*

Set in a newly discovered solar system lightyears from Earth, in this brave new world the settlers utilize Leon Muskratt famed digital currency funny-money, collect and trade NFTs, and rely on the blockchain to handle their daily societal functions. What could possibly go wrong?

The settlement of Seneca 7 is constructed within a massive super-structure that acts as an Earth on the surface of Seneca 7. This is to ensure the proper study and slowly introducing the natural ecosystem of Seneca 7 into the biology of the settlers. This is to ensure no long term side affects and eventually after all test come back positive then the true colonization of Seneca 7 will begin.

The CEO and Head of The Seneca Project is the fearless leader and savior of humanity! He is the mayor of the settlement and leads the colony. A mutant himself he has always been a proponent for the disenfranchised and the thesis behind the inclusion policy of Seneca 7.

The project created by the elite of the world lead by Leon to Search Every Near Earthlike Candidate Around [S.E.N.E.C.A]. This company created a super advanced device specifically designed to find all possible exoplanets that can sustain human life on its surface.

This is the miracle system found relatively close to earth that contains four exoplanets within the habitable zone. Not truly knowing what they look like only data points these four are enough to warrant a full crewed mission to discover if these planets are truly new homes for Earthlings.

Development began in February 2022. Initially, we focused on ideation, previsualization and designing the core features that now serve as the foundation of Seneca 7. Over the month of August, we've shifted gears into full production.

Our focus right now is finalizing and polishing content for the Closed Alpha that will be released to a group of selective individuals. From there, we'll work alongside the community, releasing content updates and iterating feedback into the game before eventually launching into Steam's early access.

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