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The Game

Scuttlebots - Battle Tournament is an online, 3rd person, PVP, Battle Royále game in a highly traversable environment, in which the player controls a scuttlebot. The goal of the game is to make many kills as possible in a limited time.


Fast paced highly traversable map

We want to create a fast paced game where you can walk on many surfaces on the map. Keep walking so other players can not destroy you.

Tournament like feeling

The maps take place in a huge arena where many audience acclaim to you and your actions.

Sports focus in the in-game universe

The pilots you can choose from are the stars in the in-game universe. Pick one you enjoy the most.

About Us

We are Casual Chamfers, a Team of 3rd Semester S4G School for Games students developing our next game: "Scuttlebots - Battle Tournament", since October 2017. Our group is made up of five artists, five game designers, and two engineers. Our goal is to improve our skills in making video games.

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Hello Scuttle Riders,

We are Casual Chamfers, a Team of 3rd Semester School4Games students, developing our next game: "Scuttlebots - Battle Tournament", since October 2017. Our group is made up of five artists, five game designers, and two engineers.

We have decided to start this game development blog to give you a behind the scene’s look at the progress of our design and decision making. If you have feedback, questions about the team or the project, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

What is Scuttlebots?

Our Vision

Scuttlebots is a ridiculous 3rd person, PVP, battle-arena game in a fully traversable environment.


Game Pillars

Fast Paced

We want to create fast rounds which have an average playtime of 3 minutes, which should reflect the gameplay feeling of “Mario Kart 64 - Battle Mode”. Our bots move in a non-traditionally way. That means they move fast, on any surface, climbing anywhere.

Pick Up & Play

We want to be able to learn the controls very quickly, allowing new players to jump right into the action. Moving, Aiming and Shooting should feel natural and intuitive.


One of the most important parts of the game is the mobility of the player and their opponents. Players will be rewarded for moving by charging the weapon-energy faster. This should keep the gameplay dynamic and fast-paced.

Core Mechanics

  • Moving
  • Shooting
  • Walking Charge
  • Aiming

Game Goal

Your goal is it to destroy the other bots on the playfield in order to be the last bot standing.

Unique Selling Points

  • Fast paced fully traversable map
  • Ridiculous tournament like feeling
  • E-Sport focus in the In-Game universe

Art Style

For our art style, we choose one artist called Joyce[MinionArt] as a big inspiration.

  • Low poly & stylized
  • Gradients / simple textures
  • Friendly shapes

artstyle moodboard


We want to create a tournament atmosphere like in Nintendo’s ARMS or Mario Kart games.

MockUp Atmosphere

Technical Information

We are developing the game for PC in Unity 2017.1.
It is for 2 to 4 players with controllers.

The Team

Here you can take a quick look at our team. In the next weeks we will publish little introductions of all our team members on Facebook and Twitter, so you can learn a little bit more about them and their roles in the project.

Bild von iOS hochgeladen


We hope you get a clear vision of our game and what we want to create. If you have feedback or questions about the game or development progress, feel free to ask them in the comment section. If you can’t get enough of the game you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more inside information.

The next Game Development Blog will be released in a few weeks, after our second milestone. So stay tuned. Thanks for reading :)

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Scuttlebots BattleTournament Windows

Scuttlebots BattleTournament Windows

Full Version

Scuttlebots - Battle Tournament is a Ridiculous, 3rd Person, PVP in a highly traversable environment, Battle-Arena Game

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