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This is an open source PC remake of the classic N64 title's multiplayer "Multi" with both local and online sessions. Featuring updated assets, new content, support for modern resolutions, and input rebinding. Made in the Unity engine with 100% remade or freely available assets. This remake aims to capture how we remember playing the original but with nostalgia glasses firmly intact. It remakes the designs of the original but with higher fidelity and an emphasis on making it more enjoyable to play on modern hardware.

What's Being Remade?

All of the game modes from the "Multi" portion of the original N64 game. These are:

  • Beach
  • Raptor
  • Heist
  • Deathmatch
  • War ("Total War" and "Colors")
  • Tanks
  • Race ("Race A" and "Race B")

See the original game or a video of the multiplayer on YouTube if you're curious what's being used as reference here.

The maps and settings for each game mode are remade alongside any characters, weapons, music, sounds, voicing, etc. that'd be present in any of the multiplayer (barring some exceptions, see FAQ). These are not ripped assets but merely use the original game design as reference and to faithfully remake them where possible. Bots will also be available.

Content is broken into three parts: Original, Redux, and Custom.

  • Original: Content that was in the original N64 game but remade in this project.
  • Redux: Content that edits something fundamental on original content. A redux map may have a changed layout or new weapon spawns. A redux game mode may change up settings outside the original parameters such as how many lives a person can have or how many characters are playing at once.
  • Custom: Content that's completely new made by me or someone else in the community. This could be new maps, game modes, characters, weapons, settings, etc.

The game will inform players if they try to use content or settings outside the "Original" category. This is done to allow for a more "purist" experience for those wanting the original game content only. It informs them via "Redux" or "Custom" as a tag for the content, and for settings it'll change the text color of the options available too. For those searching for online sessions it also provides better filtering so players find matches more aligned with what they want.

Is This Playable Yet?

There will be a download under the "files" section of this page for your platform or a link at the top of this game's description if there's a playable version available. Otherwise, check the "articles" section here or one of the other platforms for progress updates. The Discord server usually receives the latest info first.

How Faithful Is This Remake?

Effort is made to retain designs the original had and to keep gameplay feeling similar enough, however a slew of changes ranging from technical to design will be present. The end goal is to bring back the original game modes onto the modern PC platform with online functionality so we can all play together. While I'm not setting out to overhaul the core gameplay or transform it into something like "Live & Reloaded", updating old technical limitations as well as adding content is what I believe to be in the best interest of this project and the game's community.

To summarize major differences:

Models will be higher poly with different topology. Textures and materials will be larger and have more baked detail that originally vertex colors took care of. Vertex lighting is replaced by per-pixel lighting in most situations. Character controls will feel a bit different, and ADS and scoping will see a fair few changes. Sound FX are all either custom or otherwise different. Same goes for voicing and music, all remade. Original maps will have their layout remain the same but with lighting being fundamentally different. Baked objects in textures will now often become full 3d models, some of which may protrude into what was once empty space in a map. Fonts will be different but are often replaced by similar ones.

In the end people who play this that have played the original game will be able to navigate maps and play their favorite game modes without issue. It'll look nicer and perform better than if you emulated it. I'm not a veteran game dev so taper expectations, but I do hope this is able to scratch the itch many in the community have wanted more official channels to do for years.


Q: Supported platforms and OS?
A: Official support for PC on Windows and Linux only. Other forks of the project may provide additional platforms.

Q: What specs do I need for my PC to run this?
A: Specs will be posted when a playable release is available. As of writing this there is no release.

Q: Price or Ads?
A: Completely free with neither upfront or hidden charges, no ads or micro-transactions. Ever. No fork of the project may charge or put in paid ads or content either.

Q: Input support?
A: Controller with PlayStation and Xbox being the two main ones supported, with Keyboard and Mouse as an option too. The game is best experienced with controller. If you want to use an N64 controller, see guides online for getting the hardware to work on PC so it gets treated like an Xbox controller.

Q: Language support?
A: American English is the only officially supported language at this time. Other language support may be provided by translators to be added into the official version (this answer will be updated as that happens). If there's a playable version out and you'd like to offer translation, contact me.

Q: Can I fork this project?
A: Yes! You can find it on GitHub with links at the end of this page description.

Q: Is the original single-player campaign getting remade?
A: No. This is strictly remaking the original multiplayer game modes with added content centered around that.

Q: Is "Live and Reloaded" multiplayer style content being added?
A: It's been talked about but no current plans are in place. Additional game modes may include ones based off L&R objectives and levels.

Q: What's being omitted that was in the original?
A: Company logos and trademarks, as well as anything directly related to them. Also the main protagonist of the original (and any alt skins found in "Multi") won't be present in this game. Most sound FX aren't from the original due to licensing and cost.

Q: Can I contribute to the project?
A: The main repository of the project is solely worked on by me, and for now I wish to keep it that way. However you can fork the project on GitHub to make your own changes. Whenever I open up contribution channels I'll post a guide and revise this answer.

Q: Why "Redux"?
A: It's just another word for "remake" but sounds better IMO. Plus an older project had "remake" in the title so it helped separate the two in searches.

Discord Server: Discord.gg
Sub-Reddit: Reddit.com
YouTube: Youtube.com

Thank you for checking out the project!

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Project Direction Change


For those that have been following project, you've seen its had some long delays between progress. Every time I started working on the project I lost motivation or got distracted. Life happens of course. What's more is that when I did get into development I kept hitting the same roadblocks whether they be technical, lack of skill, or how the project's scope seemed to confine me to a goal that I more and more found to be impractical and perhaps even harmful to the project as a whole.

The original scope of the project was to make a near 1:1 remake of the original N64 game's multiplayer but with online functionality. Over time I backpedaled and allowed textures to be larger and bake things that would normally be handled by vertex colors. After that I backpedaled further with environment lighting being per pixel instead of vertex, followed by realizing that sound FX and fonts were commercial and both cost a lot and had licensing that even if I bought them would be hard to add to an open source project like this. I then greenlit the idea that new content could be added that the original didn't have.

The final nail in the coffin was when I tried to animate the weasel character for Heist again and came across the same topology issues that made animating without glitches difficult. The original game had glitches with animation too since they mostly used the same animation sets on a diverse cast of characters, but frankly I wasn't ready to make shape keys to manually correct glitches like that for each character. Once I realized I had already betrayed the initial premise of the project as well as kept hitting roadblocks with animation, I decided to re-evaluate things.

The small community that's grown around this project has pitched various ideas as to what it should be. This could be new content, a graphics style, gameplay changes, etc. While a fair few just wanted the original game but with online multiplayer, I could see that at least people were flexible with major aspects of it. After thinking it over I determined that so long as the designs and core gameplay of the original were intact, and that new content or settings were clearly marked and easily separated for online matches, that I could reasonably do so without betraying the portion of the community wanting a more rigid take on the original. I've went over the main changes in the project's summary on this website, but feel free to check out the sub-reddit post regarding it or ask me on Discord if you still have questions.

This article is mainly to announce to those that stumble across this project that any videos or screenshots out there prior to the date of this post is obsolete. Assets are being remade, the engine and my tools are being updated, and the scope and direction of the project has changed. With effort on my part, support and feedback from the community, and a hint of luck, I feel this will be for the better of the project and therefore the community surrounding it.

Vault Map Completed

Vault Map Completed


Finished the Vault map and have imported and lit it in Unity.

Vault Stairs/Ramps Completed

Vault Stairs/Ramps Completed


The stairs on each color team's side are now fully textured.

Weapons and Sprites for Heist Completed

Weapons and Sprites for Heist Completed


All the weapons and sprites used for the heist game mode are completed. Weapons include the Baseball Bat, Knives, Tommy Gun, Bazooka, Bombs, Sniper Rifle...

Vault map's texturing progress

Vault map's texturing progress


Progress has been made to the Vault map's texturing. Now Red and Blue's spawn areas are more or less finished minus some grunge decals and some polish...

Ligilo - - 1 comments

I really appreciate the work you're doing, I'm sure when it's ready many more people will see it.

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Guest - - 692,162 comments

Sounds like a good idea, but I also would like to have to live and reloaded multiplayer mode too alongside the other game modes, Also these screenshots look like nothing more than a mere teaser of whats to come from this project, N64 graphics is not always going to cut it for some people who indeed want a remastered version of the multiplayer game from redone graphics to remade maps.

Like crash and Spyro played its cards right when it comes to remastering, but wasn't afraid to add something new to the game to stay fresh and not just be a copy or remaster of the same game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Ninjaboi8175 Creator
Ninjaboi8175 - - 3 comments

I agree that Live and Reloaded had a superior War mode and the main game and graphics were much better because of the Xbox's power vs the N64. I'm certainly not aiming for a remaster as that usually entails making notable direct improvements to the visuals, which a good chunk of this is aiming to retain the original look and feel the N64 version had.

I could see a "Live and Reloaded 'War'" game mode being implemented as part of the Expansion phase of this project. That actually sounds like it'd be fun to do! However given your latter statement about some people might not like the adherence to the original style that could spell trouble as if I remade that War mode but with the N64-style look then I'll likely not be appealing to people who wanted equal or better visuals than what Live and Reloaded had.

Can you suggest any way this could work out? Keeping the original looks is my initial intention so introducing a game mode from the remake but retro-porting/downgrading it visually might be seen as a poor choice.

Edit: Should also state that having revamped maps and even graphic overhauls is very possible for this project but they have to be able to be toggled off by default like what I intend to do with all other Expansion content ( i.e. any content that wasn't strictly in the original game ). So if having more modes, revamped maps, and better graphics is on your wish-list for the project I can say they'd be possible under that situation.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Guest - - 692,162 comments

Conkers live and uncut that was unveiled during E3 2003 before become live and reloaded is pretty much a good example where the graphics are more of an updated but the character designs are faithfully the same as conker bfd.

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