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The game will take place in a top-down format. There will be a base the player can build and upgrade. The base will be essential to the story and tied to upgrading the player's skills, gear, and stats. The player will control one person but can team up with several AI-controlled teammates to tackle harder missions. The main traveling in the world will be done via a map (think of Fallout 1 and 2). The player can explore the map and find locations and towns to trade and get missions from. Controls will include mouse and keyboard (later will add controller support). The player will also have the ability to unlock different powers for his exo-suit EX: stealth, mass fear, and sand related powers (sand/fireball, sand wall, sand trap, etc.). The player will also be able to breed llamas to ride (and possibly race them) and eventually unlock cars to travel further into the Alaskan wasteland. Traveling is restricted to the amount of water the player carries. You'll be able to upgrade the amount of water carried and the travel speed to allow the player to explore further from their base. Beware though the further you go out the more dangerous it becomes. Player death will not be perma-death although as a game designer I do believe in some sort of punishment for death. The idea of loss makes the game more exciting and fun.


999 years following the events of The UWN Superfluous' mission to save the earth the pieces of the asteroid in which the fabled ship destroyed crashed into Earth causing massive destruction and loss of life. Many years later the remainder of humanity clings to life in the dry arid lands once known as Alaska. Radiation has caused mutations and mass extinctions. The large bipedal rhinos are known as the Karkadann and the frog-like carnivore known as the Anura are both products of this mass mutation. A very tenuous peace between the three races is kept in check only by the limited resources each side controls. Humans have most of the knowledge to build and maintain the tools and machines to help extract water and energy. The Karkadann protect the only large known source of water and use it to produce the large quantities of vegetables their size requires (they are herbivores). The Anura have monopolized the salvage market; if you need anything ask an Anura. Being amphibious they can dive in the toxic oceans and bring back material and technology once thought lost.

More mysteries unravel as the land is plagued by a new threat. The dead are rising and seem to be controlled by the once recluse Inks (ink like creatures that take the form of humans and wear bones for decoration). Why have the Inks turned aggressive? Will the three tribes ban together to face a new threat or slowly be swallowed by it because they can't trust each other? Is llama racing really in the game?

This is a continuation of the story from my previous game "The Superfluous" also on itch.io here. You will not have to have played my previous game to understand this one. If you did play it you might meet some familiar characters in your adventure though.


  • Alpha - Free (always free here)
  • Beta - half price (5.99$ ?)
  • Kick-starter/IndieGoGo
  • Early Release on Steam and itch.io (full price)
  • Final Release


  • To change keys open the keyboard_setup.ini file in a text editor and change them there. You can only use letters (for now) and they must
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Download Sand Alpha 0 3 18 - Indie DB

UPDATE 0.3.18

Car Updates:

  • changed the graphics of the cab

  • fixed the sand storm overlay while driving a car
  • fixed an issue with full-screen running choppy
    • don't even ask about the fix... it is dumb.

New Enemy: Sand Worms

Sandworms! I've been waiting to put these in the game. What sand game would complete without one?

You can find them in the skeleton and bandit sections.

UPDATE 0.3.17

Robot Delivery

  • One of the most requested requests: Robot Deliverers
    • These robots will automatically fill up your trade stalls with goods.
    • Set a product and how much product you want to keep, hook up a powered switch and go!
    • May be buggy. I haven't tested it a lot. For example, I am not sure what will happen if you have multiple stalls that are selling the same good [this just occurred to me while writing this :) ].
    • Costs a little less other robots. Uses 1 power.
  • Traders
    • Have more goods to sells and more money to buy.
    • Adjusted for base level
  • Reduced that amount of particles: improve performance
  • Added the number of goods you have recently received (or lost) in the Good UI on the right.
  • Reduced the size of pop-up text

UPDATE 0.3.16


  • Rain comes randomly (probably too often so I'll adjust as we go)
  • Rain also waters crops and makes things grow faster
  • Rain fills up the new object 'rain barrel'.

UPDATE 0.3.15

Inventory System Created

  • I've removed all your equipped gear and gave them to the orphans.
  • I have also destroyed all your armor racks and made them un-build-able.
  • Renamed your Weapon Racks to Gear Racks.
  • Inventory has drag-able slots, You can drag non-armor into armor slots for now (doesn't do anything).
  • You can drop items directly from your inventory via the drop slot.
  • Tooltips are just place holders but tell you a little info.
  • Everything is in a very 'alpha' style (aka ugly)

UPDATE 0.3.14


  • You get two of them.
  • Designing them was fun!
  • Takes a little bit of a learning curve to use them but they now might be my favorite weapon to use
  • Low damage (2)
  • They will be adjusted later

Buzz Saws, Pressure Plates, Triangles, and Clouds

[this GIF shows everything that was added]

  • I forgot to change the version number :)
  • Added Saw Trap
    • Right now only does 1 damage and has a high knockback
    • Doesn't use power but will in the future. It will use a lot so you can't run it all the time.
    • Damages everything including tumbleweeds and the player.
  • Added Pressure Plate
    • Triggers a device attached to it when the player, an enemy, an animal, etc. steps on it.
    • NPCs don't trigger it.
  • Added Angled Blocks
    • Triangle wood blocks added
    • Press B to flip it
    • Hitboxes are a little off
  • Added Clouds (or cloud shadows)
    • First pass at adding clouds
    • Not really happy with the shapes, but the system is in and working
    • I had to hack together a shader to gets the clouds to mesh correctly

UPDATE 0.3.13

Camp Mate Jobs UPDATE:

  • Completely revamped the Job system
  • Added a new Item: Job Board
    • This is where you will assign everyone's jobs.
    • It can hang on the wall
    • Added a tutorial mission to make player build this

  • Removed old upgrade items (exploration and fitness)
  • Added new upgrade item (player)
    • Combined the two removed items into one menu.
    • Removed most of the camp upgrades

  • Added a new deploy-able item called camping Kit
    • Item can be built from the tool workbench.
    • This item can be put anywhere in the exploration zones. It allows you to sleep, eat, boil water, and cook food.
    • This will replace the make a camp zone/button.
    • You can pack up the camp and get it back into your inventory.

  • Added gravestones
    • I kind of want to make these spawn skellies at night so you can 'farm' them for loot.
    • They work like a sign you can edit the text on them

  • Added junk piles
    • Right now there is just a junked up car
    • it can be harvested for metal and rarely plastic
    • more to come later

  • Added a new job: Scavenger
    • auto harvests junk piles

UPDATE 0.3.12

Others Updates:

  • Doors now work by walking through them. You no longer have to open or close them.
    • If you run into any strange bugs let me know
    • I might make gates the same way too
    • I changed the way fences are saved. Hopefully, you won't lose any, but you might
  • Llamas now stay seated when you get off of them (outside of a base)
  • I brought back the car/llama radar that will point to the nearest llama or car if it is off the screen.
    • I will modify this (this was in the game VERY early on)
  • Solar panels are no longer solid and can be walked through
  • Medium batteries are a thing
  • Quests and story changes are still being worked on. Once I finish the missions for Anchor Rage I'll release the 0.4 version
  • Added a few new missions.
  • Added a new companion
    • Ripley the Raider
      • Shotgun user
      • High health
      • Rage Ability: after getting hit (4 times) she will increase her firing rate for a few seconds
  • Fixed a lot of issues with gates and walls. You might have some invisible gates popping up, hopefully, I fixed all the ones in the mission maps. You should be able to enter build mode and right-click them to get rid of them.
  • Mission references a Radar Dish. I am working on the art for it so it isn't in the game yet.
  • Added in damage numbers when someone gets damaged. Let me know if you like them or want them to be different somehow.


  • Added text versions of health and stamina

UPDATE 0.3.11


  • Produces 'poop' that can be used for dirt.
  • Traders will, after trading, sometimes need to use the outhouse for... reasons.
  • 2 'deposits' will create one dirt (this could be adjusted). There is a limit to how much the outhouse can hold (20 poops or 10 dirt).
  • I will probably make everyone need to poop [everyone poops]. If there is not an outhouse the campmates will poop on the ground.
  • Also, the Custodian job will clean out the outhouses (not implemented yet).
  • It is pretty slow BUT it could provide an easy early game way to get dirt.
  • I'll probably make dirt more expensive in the future.

UPDATE 0.3.10

Mission changes:

  • Tutorial missions: removed the build a weapon cabinet and changed it to talk about NPC jobs and build an upgrade object
  • Added mission to build a Veggie Pot to feed peeps

Overhauled The Path System:

  • Should improve performance by FPS or more.
  • If something looks wonky with the pathing let me know.

Refactor Shaders and Graphics

  • Changed the way objects are outlined
  • Removed the outline for interactive text
  • This should also give an FPS boost

Hunger System:

  • Camp mate hunger now decreases over time and the more they work.
  • They will have to eat to restore hunger
  • If they don't eat they will slowly lose health and die

New Items:

  • Veggie Pot
    • Place where campmates can eat veggies to heal and restore hunger. Also free healing for you.
  • Ammo Box
    • Used to refill ammo in base
  • Cotton Tree:
    • A new tree item to farm
    • Takes a long time to grow and produces 2 cloth.
    • Easy early farmable cloth method
    • Woolies are still much more efficient.
    • Haven't decided what job should do the cotton picking.
    • Harvest tool is the scythe

New Mobs:

  • Snake
    • Ranged 'venom'
      • Faster than bullets
      • Might poison or slow in the future
    • Lots of health
  • Roach
    • Melee with a bite
    • low health
    • Fast
  • Slime
    • Jumps to attack
    • Touching it hurts
    • Deadly to melee attackers
    • Probably will split after death (not added in yet)
  • Mobs of different types will attack each other Except the slimes. It only likes human flesh.

Base Raids:

  • Mob types and numbers are dependent on the base score (well really number of NPCs)
  • Mobs don't start attacking until you have at least one other person.
  • Raid times now vary from 5 to 8 minutes.
  • A warning will be displayed 30 seconds before attack.
  • Right now mobs just attack people. The idea is for them to also target crates and barrels to 'steal' goods.

Change to Market Booths:

  • Q and E now add and subtract items
  • R and F now switch items in the list
  • The price option is temporarily removed.
  • Holding shift will add 5 items
Sand Alpha 0.3.9

Sand Alpha 0.3.9


As per my last post I've added the system to recruit unique companions. Campmates can now be assigned jobs, but are no longer recruit-able to join your...




Major releases 3.0 to 3.7 Added towns, quests, raiders, electricity objects, new weapons.

Game Summary and Info

Game Summary and Info


Summarize the story and gameplay in Sand. Provided links to the road map and download links.

Sand Alpha 0.6.1

Sand Alpha 0.6.1


You now have 2 mod slots in your inventory to equip mods. Mods can be crafted in the Mod Workbench (new buildable item).

RSS Files
Sand Alpha 0.6.1

Sand Alpha 0.6.1

Full Version

Big changes in this update. I've added stats, overhauled the exploration food and water system, added food items, and more. So lets get in to all the...

Sand Alpha 0.3.9

Sand Alpha 0.3.9

Full Version

- Added companion system and campmates now have jobs

Sand Alpha 0.3.7

Sand Alpha 0.3.7

Full Version

Sand Alpha 0.3.7 - Added Missions and lots more. See full log at itch.io

Sand Alpha 0 3 18

Sand Alpha 0 3 18

Full Version

Complete game Version 0.3.18 7/13/2020 Zip File. Unzip and run Sand_Alpha.exe.

Sand Alpha 0.3.0

Sand Alpha 0.3.0

Full Version 1 comment

Alpha 0.3.0 - Release | BIG feature release today. In Sand 0.3.0 you can create more than one base!

Sand Alpha 0.2.9

Sand Alpha 0.2.9

Full Version

Alpha 0.2.9 Change Log | Bulls, Smart Skellies, NPC Names

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