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Sacred Fire is a turn-based, psychological RPG about survival, power, and the search for meaning, inspired by ancient Caledonia.

Build your will to show courage in battle and cunning in the throne room. Rise through renown, blackmail, or loyalty. Inspire others to crush Rome or to build a nation.

  • Use tactical thinking in a story full of risk-based choices and combat.
  • Enjoy a fast flow of narrative twists and turns.
  • Inspired by the pen & paper RPG experience, explore NPCs’ motives, stay in character and play to your strong sides.
  • Choose how to solve conflicts: use force, smarts, skill, looks or empathy.
  • Express your take on story events in inner monologues shaping your personality and inner strength.
  • Manage your relationships and renown to increase your impact on the story.
  • No magic, no dragons: solve real conflicts, fueled by real motives, with real solutions. Your heart hides all the monsters.

At its core, Sacred Fire is a game focused on narrative, choice and consequences, with focus on internal and interpersonal conflicts. Develop your character, engage in tactical combat, and maintain relationships with those around you.

Sacred Fire gives you tactical options like:

  • Should I boost my chances to say something smart, or save the willpower to deal with my traumatic memories?
  • Do I craft a new weapon, donate the resources to the healer, or organize a feast?
  • Do I deal with the envy for my brother, or that dislikeable bully, or my attraction to that femme fatale?

For as long as your people can remember, Rome tried to conquer your lands, but failed every time. To put an end to this costly conflict and to display their power, Rome built a monumental wall.

You are young in age but come from a long line of elders. Can you unite the tribes behind a vision stronger than war? Or will you lead them to crush Rome?

The time to choose has come as Rome crossed the wall in full force. Beyond survival, beyond revenge, your true fight begins.

Dunadd, an ancient seat of power, is the only place where you can gain allies and build a resistance against Rome.

The Fort functions as a long-term strategy aspect of the game. There you can use your hard earned willpower points, renown, and resources to compete in the influence race and prepare for the challenges ahead.

You can also interact with NPCs to remove states blocking a relationship. Inside the Fort you can use relationship insights to build friendship, blackmail, or discredit a character.

At the start of Sacred Fire, you have no influence. With no wealth and no renown, you will find it hard to make allies. Gain influence through combat, courage, crafting, healing, appearance or relations.

Rising to the top and swaying key story choices (like changing battle plans to rescue a beloved character) is hard, but also rewarding, unlocking otherwise hidden storylines.

Will you:

  • build your own influence to rise as a leader?
  • use secrets to manipulate those in power?
  • or build genuine friendships based on loyalty or romance?

There are 8 characters who can be your allies in Sacred Fire.

There are 2 powerful enemy leaders you have to defy.

At www.SacredFireGame᠎᠎.com/#voting you can now vote for your favorite character to raise their in-game influence.

Choose between characters that want to vengefully crush Rome, or those who want to survive Rome and build a nation. This way you can have a powerful, like-minded NPC ally inside the game.

In Sacred Fire, you craft your own personal experience with the story, so you are always free to choose your own path. It just makes things easier if an NPC has your back, or harder if you fight alone.

Vote now at www.SacredFireGame.com..

We would love to hear what you think about the idea, the art, and the story of Sacred Fire. What you like, what you don’t like, and how you would make it better.

Join in on the discussion so we don’t miss your voice! This is a passion project, so every single fan is appreciated. Every like, retweet, and follow helps!

Your support will motivate us to work harder to craft something special for our community.

We invite you to join the Firestarters Guild on our website. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first in line for Early Bird rewards when we launch our Kickstarter.

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