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Rush Rover is a 2D top down view shooter game. It includes random map generation , unique weapons and devices design, various enemies and excitingboss battles, also with traditional STG game’s barrages dodge elements.

In the future, intelligent robots mining exploration has spread over every galaxy. After the war of independence against humanity, the highly intelligent and powerful machines attempt to rule all robots. So theystart to format other robots.You control an "unformated" mining rover, pick up weapons and rush to survival!

FEATURES- Roguelike gameplay.
- Random map generation.
- 2 game modes.
- Exciting boss battles.
- Various enemies.
- Unique weapons and devices.
- Barrages dodge.
- Sci-fi pixel art style .
- 8bit style chiptune sound track.

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Rush Rover Early Access contining update on steam!.And weeklong deal discount is coming now!There will be more content coming soon!

Update build 1590142

void GIF

1.Two new devices added.Void Grenade:generate a blackhole to imprison enemy and their bullets.Blast wave:Launch a blast wave forward to attack the enemy and clear the bullets from the enemy.
2.Corrected some english description.
3.The booster now can be used on game start.Upgrade it will reduce it's cooltime.
4.Add 4th level of dooge challenge.Now you can take dodge challenge in different difficulty.The leaderboard of dodge will be cleared.
5.Thanks for early access players' supports.There is a special achievement for you.And there will be a monument for you in the game,or you will be a pioneer to leave some valuable legacy for other players in the game.
6.Enable Steam cloud.

Update build 1575295

newemy gif

1.Add a new enemy.
2.Add a new item Mender.It will repair the armor when you catching the core piece.
3.Now the enemies out of the view will be shown as a tag around the view edge to help player know where they are.
4.Lightning Barrier rebound bullets from enemy will bounce back to the enemy with 3 multiple damage.
5.All bullets and enemies will be destroy when bossed dead.
6.Fix the bug about can't get the Dodge Master Achievement.

Update Build 1533798

boss12 GIF

1.New boss added.Added a new enemy.
2.Modify the game difficulty of the 4-5 level area.Slow down the enemy support landing speed.
3.Retrivable bot will possiblely appear in 3 level area .
4.Increased Missile and Blot's damage.
5.Modify the boss random generation event, Bosses appearances more average, each game will have different boss for challenge.

Update Build 1526635

bos14 GIF

1.Add a new Boss.
2.Fix the bug of gamepad control in the setting menu and arcade menu.
3.Now the boosting and launching control response more timely.
4.Disable steam cloud.Steam cloud requires more testing.

Rush Rover Early Access on Steam!

Rush Rover Early Access on Steam!


Rush Rover is a 2D top down view shooter game.Early Access released on Steam now!

Rush Rover on Green Light

Rush Rover on Green Light

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Rush Rover is a 2D top down view shooter game. If you like the game, please vote for it. Thank you all!

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