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Many years ago, when the world was only young, the mighty dinosaurs rule the Earth. Soaring sauropods, terrifying pterosaurs and tyrannic tyrannosauruses roamed about, doing as they saw fit while our tiny ancestors were forever fleeing from their reptilian rage. But then the Great Beyond looked down and saw it was time for change. A new world order was decreed and even the smallest, least intimidating, most pathetically cute creature would have a chance to become great. They would only need to survive.

How can such an adorable species become dominant in such a dino-eat-dino world? The solution is obvious: STOP BEING ON FIRE.

Each level your task is to extinguish the flames that threaten the future of our furry forebears. Tap the screen to jump over obstacles and use your superior smarts to tinker the terrain. Just get all these cuties to the water!

Key Features:
- 40! (previously 35) fun, addictive levels
- 5 ear-gnawingly difficult challenge levels
- Intuitive one finger gameplay
- Retro pixel graphics
- Original chiptune soundtrack

We have tested on as many devices as possible but if you encounter any issues please send us an email at voltic.games@gmail.com.

Voltic on Facebook: Facebook.com
Voltic on Twitter: @VolticGames
Voltic on Tumblr: Volticgames.tumblr.com

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The full feature list is:
- The game is now free!
- You can unlock the full numbers of levels in game with an in-app purchase
- Prettier graphics!
- Bug fixes: checkpoints & impossible levels fixed!
- Already had the game? There are new levels!
- You can skip a level if it's just too hard!

Grab the game / the update now at:

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