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What is Roast Party?

Roast Party is an online party game that you can play with your friends! The goal of Roast Party is to write creative roasts on the pictures submitted by other players based on custom prompts. After roasts are submitted players will then vote on their favorite roasts anonymously. The player with the most votes wins! Make sure to upload a funny picture of yourself to ensure a fun time!

goobey roast

How do I play?

You can add us to your wishlist on steam at:

You can request steam keys for the closed beta by emailing me at fraccas@roastpartygame.com. Keep in mind that this will be Early Access with only basic core features. We will be adding many more game-modes, content, sounds, and features in the coming weeks.

ss 2d1290587d03b8b997f699bcbddc6

(Purchase on Steam in August 2020!)

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Roast Party is now available to play for free on iOS devices from the Apple App Store! Roast Party will be released on the Google Play Store in February.

With the release of the mobile app comes in-game currency, a scoring system, an avatar border shop, and the newly released leaderboard!

New Leaderboard

--$100 giveaway and exclusive border--

With the new release of the leaderboard system, we begin our first giveaway! The first player to reach a score higher than 2000 will win $100 (steam giftcard, venmo, paypal, or amazon giftcard), along with the event reward avatar border "Roast Master"!

1. We keep records in our databases of all games and any player caught exploiting the system will be disqualified.
2. The mobile app does not yet have the leaderboard system, but it does store your currency/score. The mobile app should have the leaderboard patch within the next few days.
3. You will be the only player to have the "Roast Master" border until the next giveaway. This border can only be obtained by winning an event.
4. Currency/scoring can only be obtained from playing from the Steam game, or iOS app. Players playing from the web browser do not get rewards.

Play now:

Please use our Discord to claim your prize:

Exclusive Avatar Border

block master
Roast Party - Just Released on Steam

Roast Party - Just Released on Steam


Roast Party has come a long way since 2018 when a few friends came up with an idea of a simple web browser game where we could all talk trash and roast...

Roast Party - Paid Beta Tests - Steam Game

Roast Party - Paid Beta Tests - Steam Game


Join us for paid beta tests for Roast Party! Roast Party is set to release 8.28.20 on Steam, and we are running beta tests to get feedback from the community...

Roast Party Steam Release

Roast Party Steam Release


Join us for our steam release in August 2020! Add us to your wishlist now! Roast Party has many updates and is almost ready for purchase on Steam. With...

Kickstarter and Demo Release

Kickstarter and Demo Release


Join us for our kickstarter and demo release! Have a blast with your friends in this fun online party game!

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Playable Game

Playable Game

Full Version

Join us for our kickstarter release and demo! Have a blast with your friends is this new online party game!

RoastParty Web Prototype

RoastParty Web Prototype


Welcome to the demo/prototype of Roast Party! Roast Party is an online party game that you can play with your friends! The goal of Roast Party is to write...

CarbonOwl - - 1 comments

Great game guys! Are you releasing an android version as well?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Fraccas Creator
Fraccas - - 115 comments

Thank you! We are building it out now. The Android release is set for February!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
jaredwii19 - - 3 comments

This game sure do look fun.. Would love to try it out once it comes out!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
afghangoobey - - 1 comments

Can't wait for the full release in March!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
Fraccas Creator
Fraccas - - 115 comments

Thanks man! We just added "RoastMe" to the prototype. Click "watch" on the right of our indieDB page to stay up to date!

Reply Good karma+6 votes
zodiacgaming02 - - 68 comments

Fraccas!! Quick complaint about why you didnt message me on steam about this being playable!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
Fraccas Creator
Fraccas - - 115 comments

haha sorry, I've been super busy making the game! It should be playable when you want to try it out.

Reply Good karma+7 votes
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