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Risen Kingdoms is turn based 4x styled game with real time battles and a persistent hero system.



Before you even gain access to the main menu you will be asked to create a hero that will represent you in the game world. This hero is persistent and can be taken from campaign to campaign and even skirmish mode and back again. This hero will retain any equipment found and levels and experience gained during maps.

Temporary heroes can also be hired and equipped to help you however these will not follow you outside of the mission you hired them for.

4x Gameplay:

In Risen Kingdoms you will be building cities and upgrading them with structures and defenses while trying to explore your surroundings and conquer your enemies. with various resources and special structures scattered around the map you will be encouraged to explore a much as possible.

Real Time Battles:

Battles take place in real time once two armies meet. during the setup phase of the battle you will be able to place your units down in strategic formations and positions before releasing them to fight your enemies.

unique units and races:

Units can have access to different spells traits and stats that can help them in battle however some units may also have abilities they can use on the battlefield.These abilities can range from Constructing new cities to revealing areas of the map and summoning new units.

Races differ in not only units but siege battles, fighting a human settlement means you will he faced with walls and towers as well as the defending army. Goblins however prefer to rally the populous of the settlement to aid in its defense.

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Hi Everyone!

I apologize for the slow updates on development however the way in which Risen Kingdoms is being developed has been completely overhauled and bunch of new design goals have been put in place to enhance the game.


A major change in development is the addition of the Scenario Creation Kit, a powerful editor that will allow users to create their own scenarios and campaigns! You will be given access to the powerful tools used to create the built in campaigns allowing you to create anything that already exists in the story campaign as well as much more.


Another change will be an overhaul in the battle system right now the battle system within Risen Kingdoms takes place in real time however this brings up a few complications when it comes to having more control over your units in a hotseat environment.

With this in mind i am looking into making the battle system a semi turn based grid movement styled system, players will be able to have full control over their hero units however normal units can be given basic commands such as "Charge!" and "Hold!" this allows for an in-depth battle system while still allowing many units to exist on the battlefield at a time instead of being stacked into one unit.

Units will take turns to move around the map and attack other units on a grid.

The benefits of this new battle system will allow for far more units to persist on the field at once as well as giving players much greater control over hero units, skills and abilities. The pace of the battles will also be kept fast with all units of a type moving at the same time.

Please let me know what you think of the new battle system design.


Thanks for reading! If you would like to support the development of Risen Kingdoms please consider donating:


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