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Rin is a dark fairytale Metroidvania, in which you’ll rediscover your magic, create spells and enchant them to create stronger and more effective spell variants. Explore vast mythical lands as you uncover secrets hidden behind the Aspects of Magic.

Play as Rin, a demigoddess, and obtain the power of aspects to fuel and develop your magic on your journey to save the world.

Rin is a true Metroidvania, in which exploration meets crafting. Thanks to the complex system of spell-crafting and enchanting no playthrough is the same.

Create and enchant spells

Find aspect shards and runes and use them to create spells or enchantments. Tired of good old magic missiles? You will surely find other spells that will suit your gameplay style.


Deadly volcanic plains, deserts of distorted time, dangerous jungles full of deadly creatures, and many more await your discovery as you explore their lands on your playthrough. What secrets will you find?

To fight, or not to fight

Discover multiple ways to finish off your enemies… or to avoid encounters with them, thanks to the complex spellcrafting system.

Uncover the tale

Find yourself in the middle of a creation myth where, on Teller of Tales’ orders, Rin comes to life and tries to find her demigod siblings, each carrying a piece of the Teller’s magical power.. Experience Rin’s tale, and help her discover her true purpose.

Game Features:

  • spellcrafting and enchanting
  • exploration
  • engaging story
  • unique artstyle

We would love to invite you to join our Official Discord server and visit Rin's Facebook page.

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We have some important news to share regarding the release of RIN: The Last Child across all platforms, including Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Originally, we aimed to bring RIN: The Last Child to all platforms simultaneously on September 21st to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. However, game development, especially for multiple platforms, is a complex journey filled with unexpected challenges.

Release Date Delayed to Q4 2023

We are committed to delivering an unforgettable adventure to you across all platforms at once. Unfortunately, we have encountered some issues during the certification process on consoles. Licensing process with Microsoft Corporation has been delayed, and we had to make a tough decision - to postpone the game’s release to Q4 2023.

What’s Next?

We would love to share the exact release date, and we are working tirelessly to resolve the ongoing issues. We will keep you updated and will unveil the new release date as soon as possible, so please stay tuned.

Thank you for being a part of our magical community. Your patience and support mean the world to us.

Release Date Announcement

Release Date Announcement


Today, we are thrilled to unveil the long-awaited news - we are sharing the official release date of our magical Metroidvania!

Rin's journey to Gold Master

Rin's journey to Gold Master


We've been hard at work, refining and rectifying every minor detail in our game, as previously promised. As a result of our dedication, the game has now...

Drawing Near the Finish: Rin’s Development Update

Drawing Near the Finish: Rin’s Development Update


Greetings from the trenches! We may have been quiet, but we've been anything but idle - we're working our way towards a happy conclusion ;)

Steam Next Fest Demo of RIN: The Last Child

Steam Next Fest Demo of RIN: The Last Child


February 6th, 2023 is a celebration day, or should we say week, among gamedevs worldwide. It is when Steam Next Fest begins!

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