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Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ruthless and frightening world of Ridge, in order to all the secrets have finally been revealed. Not everyone dares to wade through.Ridge - it's an adventure horror game developed by one person, inspired by real events. You will come face to face with danger, riddles and mysteries, against the background of beautiful scenery and terrible caves and dungeons.
Will you reveal the secret? Will you survive? Will you dare to wade through?
Ridge - a real place, rumor has it that there are very strange things happen. Residents of Volgograd region argue that there is a constant presence of UFOs and other unexplained things. Twisted and scorched trees, force to give serious thought to it.

Product Features:
- Everything was developed by one person, more than 90% of the original content
- Investigation on the real place
- The storyline is revealed only at the end, it keeps the player on tenterhooks
- A huge open world
- More than 50 caves, spaces for research
- An exciting musical accompaniment
- Find ancient artifacts in the most remote and dangerous locations
- Large amount of enemies with their own abilities
- Various frightening elements
- Changing day time and weather conditions that have an impact on gameplay
- Developed on Unreal Engine 4
- The average duration of the game - 4-20 hours

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Hello everyone! I would like to share the good news. There was the release of the game Ridge a few days ago. Now you will be able to solve the mystery of Ridge, which is located in the Volgograd region in Russia. These places have been shrouded in mystery and strange things for a very long time, you would have to die not once to get to the truth, if you can. Follow the prompts that you find, or go your own way. The game does not create any borders, but on the contrary gives a freedom of choice. If you're a fan of puzzles, mystery and dangerous travel so this game is for you.

Do not expect an easy running, everything is against you here, the enemies in the air, on the land, in the caves. You must be very careful not to die again.


The game world is created in such a way that is easy to navigate without a map or compass. Each found cave, building, etc. are unique, you will always be able to understand what was happening there with others before you came, reading their left notes.


Dynamic weather with the changing time of the day diversify the game and affect on the gameplay. There are picturesque views, rivers, lakes, abandoned buildings of the ancient people etc. Climbing high, you'll discover a new views, and the whole world will be in full view.



For those who want something new there is always a chance to try his luck and go to look for the artifacts that are located in the most remote and dangerous locations of the map, but that is not necessarily.

Thank you everyone for your attention, see you in Ridge!

Ridge - GreenLight finished

Ridge - GreenLight finished


Thanks everyone for your support! A lot of things have been made during this two weeks that weren't even planned. So now we have more enemies of different...

Axsajim - - 17 comments

I want to publish your game in my blog. axsajimdrake.wordpress.com

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immortal_div Creator
immortal_div - - 1 comments

Ok, do you need smth from me?

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