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A project to save a devastated world, turned into a disaster of its own. A decade later, four people return to the desert that used to be the Aral Sea, each for his or her own reasons. In the form of a platform adventure game switching between characters with very different abilities, Residue tells the story of the people who tried to change everything, and how it ended up changing them. Residue is also a ghost from our past; the project around which we formed as a group, long before we started calling ourselves The Working Parts. After some years of development and a host of other projects (our entire catalog, really) coming in between, this is the year when we get to take you with us on our journey into the Aral Sea.

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Residue is done

News 1 comment

So this feels a bit unreal to type, but... Our game has a release date. For years I have said that Residue was "nearly done". For a brief period last week I had the strange pleasure of saying that it was "maybe done". Today I will be saying something different, and frankly a bit scary.

Residue is done. It will be released on Desura on Monday, May 6, and I'm proud to announce that the first pre-orders have already been placed. Huge thanks for your faith and support, whoever you are!

Now what remains is marketing and spreading the word. For this we need the aid of everyone who cares about what we're trying to do; a non-violent cinematic action adventure about real-world issues, social and political. Tell your friends about the trailer, the demo, about Greenlight, and hang out with us and discuss the game and the demo in our newly opened Desura forum while we wait for the big day.

You've seen the trailer, you've tried the demo. Through those two, I honestly believe we've painted as complete picture as we can, of what it is we're doing - sorry; what we have done. If you want to see that spread out into the world, please give us your support this week. Meanwhile, I'll be getting used to saying that thing I have to start saying.

Residue is done. We can't wait to see what you think of it.

Hugo Bille

People of the Lake

People of the Lake


We review and talk about an Al Jazeera documentary about the Aral Sea; both our thoughts on its subjects and how they relate to Residue. Topics include...

Google Earth Adventures - A Virtual Flight over the Aral Sea

Google Earth Adventures - A Virtual Flight over the Aral Sea

News 4 comments

Residue's Graphics duo blogs about creating graphics based on a real world setting, and how you can use modern tool like Google Earth to discover more...

Residue demo arrives

Residue demo arrives

News 4 comments

A demo for Residue is finally here! The Working Parts' Creative Director Hugo Bille tells you about what to expect from the demos different episodes.

First look at the Aral Sea

First look at the Aral Sea


Director Hugo Bille examines the game's first few days on Steam Greenlight, and launches into the first of many development stories - this time about...

Velonok - - 1 comments

Chapter 8 where is bird to unlock art bonus? I replay this chapter 3 times and don't see bird, most of chapter is underwater so search for bird with Nikolai.
Any little hint?

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Guest - - 696,262 comments

The game is really nice but i am stuck since weeks in the fifth chapter and no one can help me further. Even the developer doesnt respond. Pretty ******

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
LandoViggo - - 1 comments

I'm one of the devs of the game, what seems to be the problem? : ) Haven't seen you ask us anywhere else, so I'm sorry if your questions hasn't reached us before now.

Just describe the problem and I'll see if I can help : )
If you just want to continue the game however, you can always jump top the next chapter via the in-game menu : )

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eyecreate - - 3 comments

Looks neat! You guys should port this to MonoGame and take advantage of the multiplatform support.

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TheWorkingParts Creator
TheWorkingParts - - 6 comments

Thanks! We've actually been looking into that just recently, now that development is done. Look forward to (hopefully, fingers crossed!) seeing either Residue, They Breathe or both on some new places!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Corelliz - - 1 comments

Does anyone know of a walkthrough for this game? I'm having difficulty with the controls of Emile. I'm stuck in a place that's mostly dark, jumping and grabboing, but can't get anywhere - not even back to where I came from. Quite frustrating.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Selyp - - 94 comments

Residue was featured on my Indie Showcase! Really enjoying what I've played so far. The story seems intriguing, well-presented, and unique! - Youtube.com

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rottenhedgehog - - 38 comments

You have a weak spot for water ;) And strange settings and characters. I love what you do.

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