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Reloader: test_subject is a bullet-counting reload action game. It is inspired by numerous masterpiece gun action movies and indie game 'Receiver'.

In Reloader, you can experience both realistic gun maneuvering and movie-like gun action. Become the Reloader who have amazing gun shooting skill but no knowledge about the gun, and experience realistic CQB (Close-quarters combat).


  • Insert magazine, pull the slide, and insert bullet in camber. You need to handle all reload actions manually.
  • Poor and the untrustful firearm will make unexpected malfunction and make you fall in danger. keep calm and response to malfunction as fast as you can.
  • No one tells you how many bullets remain in your magazine. count bullet and make the best timing to reload!
  • Experience tactical combat with realistic stopping power.
  • Enjoy the combination of retro pixel art and a modern lighting system.


You woke up in the unfamiliar building. your hands are tied and the gun gripped gang aims his gun on your neck. A passerby (self-named) spy helps you and saves your life, but she looks like try to make you to the test subject of the new unstable technology.

You became the test subject of the suspicious gadget that loading the legendary agent's skill and you get amazing shooting skills. Unfortunately, this horrible gadget full of bugs and errors couldn't load any memory about gun and reload skills.

But keep calm and start one by one. Grip your mag, insert in your gun, and pull the slide to feed the bullet in the chamber. Now you are ready to fight.

The only provided things in your hands are one pistol and some of the mags. Now you need to escape from the building full of armed gangs alone!

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Reloader: test_subject, Bullet Counting/ Reload Action game finally release on the steam!

Reloader is a Bullet Counting/ Reload Action game inspired by numerous masterpiece gun action movies and Indie Game ‘Receiver’.

Become the ‘Reloader’ who have amazing shooting skill but lost knowledge about the gun, and experience realistic Close-Quarters Combat!

Reloader TestSubject 2021 12 02Reloader TestSubject screenshot7

Reloader TestSubject screenshot3

Reloader: test_subject is a free-to-play prologue chapter of the Reloader Project. Reloader Project is planned to be released in two main chapters, ‘Reloader: subject_alpha’ and ‘Reloader: subject_beta’.

Reloader: test_subject focused on implementing the core mechanism of the Reloader Project. Please look forward to the various features that will be added in the following series!

Reloader: test_subject game play trailer & release date announcement!

Reloader: test_subject game play trailer & release date announcement!


On this year, I spent all development time on this Reloader: test_subject and finally I can make a trailer and fix a releasing day!

DirtyNinety - - 1 comments

The game concept is really cool, satisfying, I had fun and it made me remember playing Receiver which is somewhat similar game about the reloading mechanics.

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