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Red Barton & The Sky Pirates is an arcade combat flight shooter reminiscent of games like Star Fox back on the classic N64, brings back memories eh? It's an “After Burner" style game, with gorgeous hand-drawn quality in-game graphics set in an imaginative cartoon-style steampunk world. 

The player is thrust into the role of Red Barton, a pilot of a steampunk-style World War I era fighter airplane fighting his way through a menagerie of enemies in four different themed worlds, on a mission to save his love and honor.

As you go through the game, you'll really get drawn into the story, the game-play, and the FUN of just blowing stuff up (stuff that tries to blow you to bits right back :-) )! From start to finish, you won't be able to put down this action-packed game and really want to play it OVER and OVER again even after completion.

We are enthusiastic gamers and when we set off to make something truly amazing and that we were looking into what we were missing on the app stores - not really what was already there. We wanted to offer something innovative and unique, and really help excite all you arcade shooter fans out there.

Being massive arcade shooter fans our natural instinct was to make it our mission to make more of the kind of games we want to play, which is why we went for an action-packed arcade game.

Game features: 

- Challenging and dynamic gameplay
- Player vehicle and weapon customization
- Epic powers and upgrades
- Custom designed textures and graphics based on unique Art Direction

- Complex story line with future updates to Diamondtopia universe such 
as locations, factions, lore, quests, achievements and much more

- Custom designed tile sets offering high level of replayability.
- High detail 3d models
- 2k and 4k Textures
- Visual effects (Depth of field, Motion blur, PBR, Volumetric smoke and 

- Terrain interactive morphology
- Universe expansion including new levels,enemies, new factions, new 
quests and storylines.

Development of the PC & Mac version of the game is a project we are undertaking in order to offer an amazing game and a unique gaming experience for gamers running on the strongest hardware available. Our vision of a VERY dynamic arcade shooter with high quality custom graphics, therefore we hope that you will recognize the effort, our goals, and our passion for offering you up only the best in gaming! This sky pirate game is a game for kids, adults, and anyone of all ages. We'll put you in a tail spin of excitement, so what're you waiting for? 

Please support our work and vote for the game & help support an independent game studio, striving to offer you only the best in providing you a truly innovative gaming experience. We are a small but passionate team of creators, and we can't wait to provide this amazing game to you on Steam for you to enjoy.


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Indie game studio Schism Worldwide has launched a Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their first major title “Red Barton & The Sky Pirates” due for release in Q4 2016 for PC & Mac, iOS and Android.

“Red Barton & The Sky Pirates” is an arcade combat flight simulation shooter set in a beautiful cartoon-styled steam-punk world. The game’s fast pace and challenging levels are bound to give players a lot of fun, offering something for everyone from casual players to arcade veterans of the days of legendary “After Burner”.

“We worked on the concept and graphics of the game since 2014, and we are excited that it is finally coming to fruition this year thanks to our talented development team” said Montreal, Canada based Game Designer Kosta Zdravkovic.

“Red Barton & The Sky Pirates is the kind of game we’d like to see more on the market, and it’s our hope that it’s going to lead a resurgence of the genre of arcade simulation shooters. ” added company’s CTO & Sound Engineer Igor Djordjevic, the man responsible for the amazing soundtrack for the game.

You can support Red Barton on Kickstarter (Kck.st) & Steam Greenlight (Bit.ly), follow the development blog and apply for beta testing on Redbarton.com


Kickstarter: Kck.st
Steam Greenlight: Bit.ly
Game trailer: Bit.ly
Gameplay demo: Bit.ly
Game development blog: Redbarton.com
Company website: Schismworldwide.com

About Schism Worldwide
Schism Worldwide is an independent game studio based in New York, with an international development and design team in USA, Canada and Europe. Learn more at Schismworldwide.com

Press Contact
Name: Alexander Djordjevic
E-mail: alex@schismworldwide.com
Press-kit: Schismworldwide.com

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