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Realms of Magic is a 2D sandbox RPG set in a classic western fantasy universe. Create and customize your character. Gather resources, craft items and build your base. Explore the world, complete quests and crawl through dungeons.

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feillyne says

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This is basically a Terraria clone at the moment. More of an RPG. Almost like Skyrim in 2D. No magic yet, except for alchemy. No multiplayer, no overworld/level randomisation. Combat is difficult, if not downright hard or even brutal. The game overall is quite cool, albeit feels too grindy (for instance weaving does not give new recipes every skill level). (Quite a few bugs right there too, but some of them, like using merchant's items, were fixed in the latest patch. Others such as not being able to finish a quest even after killing the specified target... are still in.) Gaining profession experience and doing quests seems to be fun. There are even some dialogue choices. Books show a tad of penmanship and consequently some promise in them, too, well... apart from typos and other minor issues like that. There seems to be quite a few references to Fallout and Skyrim as well, a bit of humour (the barrel guy). Hmmm. No, to reiterate, haven't encountered any actual magic yet, or at least, the character themself has no magic skills either so not sure if the game deserves its namesake.

Well, the one wish? For the races to be more meaningful. Not quite what RavnosFX mentioned, cosmetic things, but some real, vital things. Such as being able to raid and destroy the "starting" village, some essential consequences to choosing a race at the character creation screen. Different abilities. Something. Well, at least the game itself says nothing about their differences.

1. Misc Colors do not show what they change (and there is only one Misc Color 3 option?)
2. Races have no descriptions (quite unlike the races described on the IndieDB page) or any unique or special non-cosmetic characteristics
3. Wolves seem to be OP at the moment, at least so early in the game especially if you skip the tutorial (skipping tutorial also means you don't get any tutorial items, perhaps this should be an advanced start, not simply skipping and losing starting items)
4. No incentive to build a shelter or make a stand (no randomly respawning monsters, nightly zombies etc. wolves/rats only respawn in their original locations)
5. No herding? No building skill?
6. As mentioned earlier, no magic skills yet?
7. Setting up keys sometimes swap the primary and secondary (it also mucks up the skill bar labels), shifted keys sometimes can't be remapped to non-shifted key shortcuts
8. Could planting cones/acorns be done without tilling?
9. Skill experience could be mentioned as skill experience, not simply as experience (it's a little confusing which is which)
(perhaps more issues, this is early access after all, no need to mention everything)

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