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A game that features many great things, coming soon.

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The game has been in-development for almost a year now, however this page in particular hasn't been updated in ages, as soon as I have more things to show, I'll continue to edit this page. I might as well inform you what's been going on, there has been a lot of improvements and additions since the last post, or at least the last time this has been updated.

These new features are things I've finally wanted to get over with and did:

  • There's finally a pause menu, which means you can finally pause the game with ease.
  • Saving and loading is finally possible within Lost Realm, which means all your precious data will be, well saved.
  • As well as the option to quit the game via the pause menu.
  • Sprites have been improved a lot, as well as there's new sprites and enemies.
  • There's now a health bar, stamina bar, and a exp bar.
  • New sound effects!
  • Tons of new enemies!
  • You can restore health and gain experience by defeating enemies.
  • Dialogue.

Now then, with all those features aside, I'll go over other features I've added in the past:

  • Controller support, this will make the gameplay experience much better, of course that's optional.
  • Health, stamina, exp, etc.
  • Dashing.

And finally, for features that are planned:

  • A start menu, which is something I really need to add.
  • Cutscenes, of course those are planned too.
  • More enemies.
  • Overall, tons and tons of things that have yet to be added.

Well thanks for reading and make sure to stay tuned for more articles/updates on Lost Realm!

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