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About This Game It is time to be in the shoes of Deinonychus and conquer the World. Raptor Territory is a strategic PvP action game that allows you to take control of a Deinonychus and engage yourself in multiple game modes full of fun and excitement. Collaborate with other players to capture the World Map and beware of your enemies surrounding you to become an obstacle in your quest. Raptor Territory currently offers 6 promising game modes to immerse you into this world of Deinonychus. Let’s take a flash look into these amazing scenarios. Rescue The Baby Raptor An baby raptor is pre-spawned. In a capture the flag like game mode you have to pick it up, carry it away and protect it as long as you can! The Conquerors of the Nest A multiplayer mode of up to 52 players divided into 4 teams. Be the undisputed conqueror of the nests by destroying the nests of the rival teams. Compete with other teams and become the Ruler. Become A Foodie! A light-hearted fun to play PvP mode. It’s ti

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How to do regular Updates

How to do regular Updates

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You want to update your game every week or every month? Specially in early access it can be frustrating for players to wait long for a game. Here i want...