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About This Game It is time to be in the shoes of Deinonychus and conquer the World. Raptor Territory is a strategic PvP action game that allows you to take control of a Deinonychus and engage yourself in multiple game modes full of fun and excitement. Collaborate with other players to capture the World Map and beware of your enemies surrounding you to become an obstacle in your quest. Raptor Territory currently offers 6 promising game modes to immerse you into this world of Deinonychus. Let’s take a flash look into these amazing scenarios. Rescue The Baby Raptor An baby raptor is pre-spawned. In a capture the flag like game mode you have to pick it up, carry it away and protect it as long as you can! The Conquerors of the Nest A multiplayer mode of up to 52 players divided into 4 teams. Be the undisputed conqueror of the nests by destroying the nests of the rival teams. Compete with other teams and become the Ruler. Become A Foodie! A light-hearted fun to play PvP mode. It’s ti



RedClaw Productions
Based in Austria

Release date:
Early Access November 29 2021



Available From:
$0.99 - Steam


Engage in epic team battles, Conquest the Nest, Deathmatch, and much more. Raptor Territory is a strategic action game that allows you to immerse yourself into some of these most fascinating game modes through the journey. Play as deinonychus together and against your friends.


The idea of creating a new dinosaur game was for a long time in our mind. We already had experience in application developement and helping out with the Primal carnage developement. So we started to create our own game at the end of 2020. Around one year later we were ready to go into early access.

Now we are polishing things, and changing things that figured out that it does not work as we wanted in a live enviroment.


  • Multiplayer
  • Multiple game modes
  • Play as dinosaur
  • PvP


Raptor Territory Trailer YouTube


Download all screenshots & photos as .zip

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Selected Articles

  • "The modes so far are pretty interesting and diverse. I’m quite satisfied with the content that Raptor Territory has to offer so far, and I’m really curious to see what other modes will be added in the future."
    - Maui, lifeisxbox

Monetization Permission

RedClaw Productions allows for the contents of Raptor Territory to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Raptor Territory is legally & explicitly allowed by RedClaw Productions. This permission can be found in writing at https://www.indiedb.com/games/raptor-territory/presskit.

About RedClaw Productions

A developer and publisher of real time strategy games including Raptor Territory.

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