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Railgun is an indie shooter currently in development by a small team of veteran and new devs with a passion for the classics. Our mission is to put a fresh, modern spin on favorites such as Missile Command, Astrosmash, and Asteroids. Railgun casts you as the pilot of a high-tech drone tank charged with defending your city from the onslaught of meteors, comets, solar and gravatoids annihilating planet Earth. Wield a battery of unique weapons, master evasive maneuvers such as the Dash and the Blink, adjust your tactics to adapt to your ever changing environment, and strategically upgrade your defenses to endure the increasing difficulty of each new hour. Each enemy you destroy increases your score as you fight to survive the maximum number of waves.

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You are a veteran drone tank pilot tasked with defending your city from an interstellar fallout of apocalyptic proportions. Wield an arsenal of explosive weapons, master evasive maneuvers, and strategically upgrade your defenses in an effort to protect humanity from extinction.

The year is 2082. Salvation Harbor, a fortified city constructed by the military group MASTCORPS, stands at the ready, its RAILGUN Perimeter Defense System locked and loaded. You have been selected to pilot RG1, a high-tech drone tank designed specifically to defend against the uncertainty about to strike. Prepare yourself for 100 stages, 10 epic boss battles, and endless, end-of-days intensity.

Recipient of the 2015 GameACon “Game of the Year” Award, Railgun promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind arcade experience that will leave your pulse pounding and your palms sweaty!

Full Impact Games, Inc.
Established in 2015, Full Impact Games is an international team of independent developers with AAA experience and a passion for the old school, arcade classics. Titles we have worked on include Bit.Trip Runner, Ravaged, Homefront, Frontlines, Too Many Snakes, and Revolution Ace. Our team has been working tirelessly to produce a refreshing gaming experience that is both fun and challenging.

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