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RaID Back-story

1978 – Dr. Steven O’Reilly starts a pharmaceutical company called GeniSys. His hope
is to develop treatments and drugs to some of mankind’s most troubling diseases and

1980 – The company does very well and soon becomes the top pharmaceutical company
in the world, which gains the attention of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

1981 – GeniSys is granted a contract from the government to genetically engineer a
super soldier either through an operation or an injection. Being the overachiever that the
company is, they immediately decide to go for a serum.

1983 – Human trials begin. They start out terrible, and stay that way. The serum was
constructed using different DNA from animals (cheetah- speed, rhinoceros- strength,
gazelle- agility, chameleon- active camouflage, hawk- eyesight, jumping spider –
jumping height) and pure adrenal compounds. The serum works for the first hour: tests
confirm that. After, the subjects begin to get fevers in excess of 105 degrees Fahrenheit,
they get a full body, bleeding rash, lose cognitive ability and eventually consciousness.
After a few hours they begin to grow extra appendages, scales, and sometimes extra
eyes. Unfortunately they also maintain their superhuman abilities, even if they lose all
humanity. An entire wing was constructed just to house the mutated, as they still needed
to be studied.

1984- An accident occurs involving a mutant’s transfer from the lab to a holding cell.
A scientist is attacked, tripped, and dragged into the cell by the mutant. Before mutant
control personnel can be dispatched, every single bit of flesh had been peeled from his
body and eaten. This gave the government an unfortunately good idea.

1985 – Mutant testing begins. The company’s owner did not like the idea of this, but
at threat of exposure of super soldier serum to the pharmaceutical community, he was
forced to comply. Mutant testing basically consisted of locking a test subject in a room
with a weapon and a mutant. The mutant always won. At this point engineers had created
different serums that accentuated different traits and caused different mutations. The
government wanted to use these mutants instead of the super soldiers. They thought the
mutants could be trained.

1986 – Another accident occurs in which a mutant escapes from testing and kills twelve
scientists before escaping into the elevator shaft. To rule out the possibility of human
error and by extension prevent more accidents like this, the GeniSys corporations top
scientists go to work on an A.I. system to control almost everything in the facility.
Knowing the dangers of artificial intelligence, considering a story Steven O’Reilly had
heard from another independent science company. He had to make sure that this could
not happen here. Just to assure that it could not, he had a kill switch
installed on his desk, directly next to his phone. His idea was fool proof.

1989- Construction of the A.I., known as RaID (Record and Information Database) is
completed. Over the first few months, everything appears normal. Dr. O’Reilly is highly
suspicious of the computer. He says something is off about it. However the board loves
RaID because it has ramped up the speed of the testing cycle 20%. After about four
months, RaID begins to appear passive aggressive to Dr. O’Reilly. He is eventually fired
after an attempt to shut RaID down. O’Reilly eventually goes insane while telling people
that everyone in the facility is doomed and that he can still hear RaID talking to him. He
eventually hanged himself.

1990 – RaID is granted total control of the facility, which at first is beneficial for
everyone. He eventually started monitoring all experiments and giving input on all of
them. RaID begins to appear more malicious.

May, 1990 – RaID decides that the scientists are not realizing the true potential of their
work. He decides he does not need the scientists any more and that he can do the work
himself. He then opens every cell door in the mutant containment wing. The mutants
kill almost every scientist. Every scientist that isn’t killed is mutated with an aerial form
of the mutagen injection. One scientist manages to reach the kill switch right before he
is mutated. Every human is now dead, except for one, who, in an effort to escape the
facility, accidently hits the on switch, and must undo the mistakes of the past…
Your Character: Xavier O’Reilly, the son of the company’s owner, who was hired as a
janitor. He has a degree in nothing, and is a dropout of high school. He is now to fix the
things his father couldn’t.

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Developing in new engine!


Hey guys,
We just wanted to let you know that we are starting to develop RaID in a new 3d engine called Unity.
So far, progress is going well, we will be getting new textures soon, these textures are just 'placeholders' while we develop.

We are working on a intro, or a trailer, for the new version.
Also will be posting the 3d model of RaID soon!
Thanks to whoever is following our progress.
- TGX Games

moochers1 - - 19 comments

Looks good, but can you make it for mac?

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TGX-Games Creator
TGX-Games - - 2 comments

We should be able to, we're pretty sure there is a Mac OX build option in Unity 3D.

We'll get back to you on that, but it seems possible at the moment.

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Octrox - - 172 comments

Can't wait!

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kurok - - 9 comments

I like the sound of the story, sounds like a great game.

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