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I love to play RTS/Sim games, and in my experience mods can make the greatest games even better!

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Hallo there!
I just finished my update 1.0 and even if I m exausted I am really happy and satisfied. Is not still perfect and finished but it is now at a very decent stage, honestly.
I was very demotivated because of the intense and not motivated trolling that I got in the last year...

Luckly I had some people that kindly (I hate swearing) replied to trolls on the thread...and tons of people that counterbalanced the rate lowering action of those haters! Some time even overrating it.
I know that at this stage I do not deserve a full 10/10, we all know that...but I am victim of the hardest hating/trolling action on Modddb ever seen (rating so many 1/10 is NOT "constructive criticism!)...and this mod had a 9.3 average rating 1 year ago...I mean ...NINE.THREE! ...then I had that heart problem that I mentioned in the thread and those kids , well, they had their fun, lowering the mod to 5.9...but I could still count on many friends and supporters and we got up to 8.1...and I hope I can get more, just in case those "jokers" will try that again...
I will have a surprise in the future for those most addicted and supportive of my mod! ...it is not perfect yet but I put soooo much efforts in it! And BANNERLORDS is close to release, and I will mod that game also, pretty soon!
Take care, stay close and be supportive and anti-haters...I need some honest players that kindly (I hate swearing) reply to trolls on the thread...and that will counterbalance the rate lowering action of those haters voting and reviewing HONESTLY!
Btw, thx for your review and rating...even if a 7 will lower the 8.1 average that I reached with such difficulty...Hope that you will change that to a higher vote after playing 1.0!

Stay tuned

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KingKetsa Creator

Hi Gab, I have to say you have progressed very well ever since your health scare a while back. I will raise the review to an 8 now that 1.0 has been released, but I can't raise it any higher until some stuff has been fixed/implemented.

These days there are mods that are essential for any overhaul mod such as yours. Diplomacy, Freelancer, and Battle Continuation are just three that come to mind. The mod has amazing atmosphere and has really good late 19th century gun mechanics. There are some texture issues and a the ragdoll physics can get really weird at times, sometimes sending a ragdoll half way across the map from a gunshot.

Other than these minor annoyances the mod as a 1.0 release is pretty solid. 8/10 until the improvements have been added and fixed. Good luck Gab, and don't let the haters get you down. You work too hard to become a helpless victim. Fight back by releasing the greatest content you can and I guarantee you will find happiness in your modding career.

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Thank you for the input. ;)

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