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In a universe where Aperture Science has a partner company. You worked for Future Innovations laboratory. When you wake up in your room there is no one in the facility. You think that you are the last one in the facility. But things has changed, you find yourself a lot of friends while escaping Future Innovations laboratory. You find out what has happened to the crew. Finally an actual unofficial ending for the Portal series.

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Hi guys,
I recently created this site for help. I have a very big passionate for portal 2. So far there is no portal 3 sadly. I started to make a game based on my story in Unreal Engine 4. I could call it portal 3 but that wouldn't be fair. This is a fan made game based on the portal universe. This is a completely different game from portal(like map and the characters), but the base mechanicals are the same like in the original game. The game would be as long as some other AAA games but some new technical innovations. The pictures that I posted above are just for testing all the mechanics that I created so far. If everything will go smoothly I will be able to post some games from the actual development stage.

I just started working on this game but it turns out that I way underestimated how much work it needs. I would like to create a little team for the game. If have any experience in a game development or softwares then We would really appreciate Your help. Please help us in the progression of the game if you would like to see a fan made Portal 3 game. And of course if you want join a great team and you want to participate making a beautiful, story rich game.
You can get in touch with us here:

Note: I'm experiencing with VR too ;p Maybe that would be an option later too.


looks nice

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